Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer – sanitising just got sophisticated!

Vycel Electrostatic SprayerIntroducing the Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer; a progressive solution to providing total fast and effective infection prevention control in just 30 seconds.

With the continuing threat of the ongoing pandemic to dentistry and healthcare providers, the need for efficient, effective sanitisation giving positive virus protection has never been greater!

By combining the convenience of an advanced disinfectant fluid solution and a technologically proven ergonomic electrostatic sprayer, Vycel provides rapid, safe and cost-effective sanitisation. It ensures vital protection from the health threats and infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

The Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer delivers a positively charged water-based antimicrobial spray. It delivers billions of particles of sanitising solution every minute. This will safeguard spaces by simultaneously disinfecting surfaces and sanitising the air it passes through; leaving viruses nowhere to hide!

Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer

  • Built-in high-performance pump sprays up to two metres
  • Uses 75% less disinfectant solutions than traditional sanitising methods
  • Electrostatic charged spray evenly coats and wraps 100% surfaces for full coverage in 25% of the usual time
  • 99.99% effective in killing virus and bacteria
  • Four-litre tank offering a fluid run time of 40 minutes
  • Compact form for use in confined spaces.

It has never been more important to ensure that your premises have positive virus protection.

Vycel is proud to have developed the latest in sophisticated technology to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for complete sanitisation of dentistry and healthcare premises.

For more information, visit vycel.com.

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