Aesthetic and biocompatible: Admira Fusion – the universal restorative material

Does this sound familiar to you? Your patients asking for compatible products, which meet the high standards for function and aesthetics?

With Admira Fusion, Voco offers a biocompatible universal restorative material, which is purely based on ceramics.

This is possible due to the unique combination of the nano-hybrid and the Ormocer technology.

This means that silicon oxide makes up the chemical base and makes up the fillers and the resin matrix.

This ‘pure silicate technology’ ensures, among other things, a very low polymerisation shrinkage of 1.25 vol % and an extremely low shrinkage stress.

By omitting classic monomers (no residual monomers) Amdira Fusion is allergy-friendly.

‘The packable version of Admira Fusion has a certain firmness to it. This allows very good adaptation to cavity form and is easy to manipulate and sculpt. It can be polished to a high shine and it has a surface hardness giving a long-lasting, natural lustre and of course stain resistance.’ – Dr James Robson, UK.

To make a practice appointment or to find out more about our special deals to help you make the switch to Admira Fusion, please email Andrew Thurston at [email protected].

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