Dentistry Gym – preventing shoulder pain

In this month’s class of the Dentistry Gym, Khalil Hussein is focusing on shoulders.

Shoulder pain is a common occurrence amongst the dental community, with issues such as frozen shoulder, rotator cuff problems, and general aches and pains affecting everyone from the dentist to the receptionist.

The glenohumeral joint is comprised of two main parts, the glenoid and the humerus.

The glenoid arises from the scapula and attaches to the humerus via the joint capsule, because there is limited boney or soft tissue obstruction. The humerus is allowed a lot more freedom of motion when compared to other joints such as the elbow or hip.

The humerus is able to move with a much larger range of motion than most other joints and it is often one of the reasons why injuries frequently occur in it.

Prevention better than cure

Dentistry is a very sedentary job, as are most jobs within the dental clinic. Movement is often limited for long periods of time. Over many years, this leads to decreased joint range of motion and often strength as well.

If you don’t use it, you lose it!

A lack of movement or ability to tolerate movement will inevitably lead you to be predisposed to injury. Much the same way eating a lot of sugar, starch, and acidic foods will predispose you to tooth wear.

Injuries will always occur in areas where we lack the flexibility and the strength to resist the stresses and strains upon us. So as part of the Dentistry Gym we are aiming to address these issues.

Prevention is always better than cure. So working with these classes can not only help reduce the risk of injury but they will also help you feel better!

Solidify the strength

Pain and injuries respond very well to strength training and mobility work, The Dentistry Gym was designed just for this purpose.

There is minimal to no equipment required and all you need to do is follow along with the classes.

You can repeat your favourites every week to really solidify the strength and mobility you will gain.

This class is designed for viewers to carry it out with minimal equipment at home. We don’t use weights so these exercises are quite safe for most people.

However, before conducting any exercises please consult your GP or allied health therapist for guidance and advice about your own circumstances and whether these exercises are the right thing for you.

Always seek medical advice before starting any exercise program.

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