Dental Design Lab introduces its new laser welder

James Ronald RDT, MD, opens up about his laser quest. 

Company: The Lab Dental Design Studio

Name: James Ronald

Position: managing director

Contact: 01326 450632

Email: [email protected]

Can you tell us about yourself and The Lab Dental Design?

James Roland (JR): We are a dental lab based in Penryn, Cornwall. And we specialise in implants, full arch cases, smile design and all other dental restorations. We are a small and dedicated team.

Why did you buy the laser welder?

JR: For The Lab, Dental Design Studio, a laser welder is an absolute must for a team dedicated to the highest possible quality product quickly and reliably for our dentist clients.

A laser welder is a valuable tool in a dental laboratory.

We chose the Master S by Elettrolaser for different reasons. This brand is a leader in the dental sector and offer laser welding tools of top standard at a very fair cost.

This system delivers precision, can lower material, and labour costs and increase productivity and quality by eliminating the need to invest and solder.

A laser welder usually features a binocular microscope to comfortably look into the welding chamber along with many other features to control the laser work. Spot size varies between 0.2 mm-2.0 mm.

You can use these welders with a range of dental alloys for both crown and bridge cases, implants and implant-borne restorations, orthodontics, as well as removables.

The lasers are all equipped with an input for Argon gas in the welding chamber. For some applications, this makes strong welds from the standpoint of aesthetics and quality.

What was the supplier’s support and response like after you made the decision to purchase the Master S Laser Welder?

JR: The team at Freeform Fabrication has been very responsive and responded promptly to any inquiries.

They made a swift delivery and followed through professionally throughout.

We made the decision to purchase a laser welder to save time and improve the quality of our prostheses.

The laser was developed primarily to satisfy the needs of combining high working power with long lamp life. A long lamp life means less down time for routine maintenance. We bought this laser welder because the welder we had from a different supplier broke down. With this Master S, we have no problems.

It has a large welding chamber, integrated webcam with display of the operations directly on the seven-inch LCD display. We enjoy using it.

The laser welder has everything we need and beyond fitted as standard!

A generous welding chamber, Leica 10x stereomicroscope, 100 programmable memories, an integrated webcam with an optional feature allowing you to link up to a monitor that is great for showing customers or training new technicians.

It also comes with a 36-month warranty, which really gives you confidence in your investment.

How did you handle work before you had the laser & what impact has the new technology had on your efficiency levels?

JR: Before the laser we soldered. One of the most conventional techniques in dental laboratories is soldering. Soldering requires general multiple preparation steps for fixing a prosthesis, where each step contributes some sort of distortion. Soldering delivers weaker joint strength. The prosthesis compromises its mechanical stability when stress corrosion occurs. The soldered part also suffers due to a change of colour.

We suffered from all these issues and to deliver a great product we had to spend more time and more expense on materials and technician expertise to compensate for the lack of a laser welder.

What would you say to other business owners who consider investing in this technology?

JR: I highly recommend for dental practices to buy a laser welder for their high-tech prostheses.

As I said earlier, it can lower material use and man hours and increase productivity. It will boost the quality of your service and product by eliminating the need to invest and solder. Also, it makes the workflow shorter and better. It is the way forward.

Did it take you long to gain experience with the laser to get work done?

JR: No – it was easy to use. If you are experienced at soldering, you can handle it competently in a day and master use of it in a week.

For details about the laser welders:

Contact: 01438 900190

Email: [email protected]


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