Achieving success in an upper-arch reconstruction

implantFerhan Ahmed introduces a full-arch upper immediate load case with Tapered Pro implants, in advance of constructing the final bridge.

This 49-year-old male patient presented as fit and well; he was a non-smoker and had adequate oral health.

He had referred himself to the practice, having recently had all his upper teeth removed due to multiple failing restorations.

Following a thorough clinical examination and obtaining a full medical and dental history, three treatment options were offered to the patient:

  1. A complete upper denture
  2. A removable denture on a metal bar
  3. Immediate load, fixed teeth.

The patient expressed a strong desire for a fixed solution, as he felt he was too young to be wearing dentures. He also has a job that involves face-to-face interaction with clients, so a superior aesthetic outcome was essential.


Once appropriate consent was obtained from the patient, treatment began. The treatment was completed in a morning session and was uneventful. (See Figures 1-11 for details of the process.)

  • Figure 2: Preoperative intraoral view

As planned, immediate loading was possible, and the patient was provided with an interim prosthesis for the osseointegration period.


Following three months of healing, a definitive restoration will be constructed. Then, once the final bridge is in place, three- to six-month hygiene visits will be recommended, alongside annual bridge checks, at which time the prosthesis will be removed to check oral hygiene levels and assess the peri-implant tissues.

  • Figure 9: Immediate postoperative radiograph


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This article first appeared in Implant Dentistry Today. You can read the latest issue here. 

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