Watch how Sensodyne Pronamel works

As part of GSK’s microsite into erosive toothwear, we look into how Sensodyne Pronamel helps repair weakened enamel.

GSK’s recommendations from clinicians for patients with early signs of erosive toothwear include:

  • BEWE as part of the oral health assessment
  • Dietary advice, frequency and timing
  • Oral hygiene recommendations including Pronamel.

Oral hygiene recommendations

  • Fluoride toothpaste protects enamel – use toothpaste between 1,350 to 1,500ppm fluoride twice daily
  • When fluoride is incorporated, fluorapatite can form to make the enamel more resistant to further mild acidic challenges
  • Use a low abrasion toothpaste
  • Important to brush – ideally before meals.

Make Pronamel part of your patient’s routine

  1. A unique, specialist toothpaste
  2. Low abrasion formulation
  3. 1,450 ppm fluoride protection.

Pronamel is an advancement in GSK’s enamel care. The unique remineralising formula delivers more vital minerals into the enamel structure. This absorbs deep into the surface structure of the acid-weakened animal, repairing and rebuilding micro damage, deep within the vulnerable layers of the teeth.

The unique formulation helps lock in vital minerals for continues repair and protection throughout the day.

Order samples of Pronamel simply by visiting

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