A doctor’s note on Simplishade

Simplishade is the perfect addition to include in a dentist’s toolkit that will help restore patients’ teeth, Scott Coleman says.

A case like this is fairly common in a general practice – teeth break for a variety of reasons.

A practitioner has no way of knowing what to expect when a patient calls with a ‘broken tooth’.

It is extremely helpful to have a simplistic way to restore the tooth immediately.

Time is critical and you may not have the appropriate amount of time initially, because you do not know what it will take to restore the tooth until you have examined it.

Having a simple, quick process to restore the tooth either permanently or provisionally is essential.

‘Great to have a tool like Simplishade’

Upon seeing the patient and realising this is a case of a dissatisfied smile, there were several options that this patient had in fixing the problem presented.

We decided to use Simplishade as a long-term restoration for her.

We restored the teeth within 30 minutes and the patient was ecstatic.

It fit our time schedule and aesthetic results that patients come to our practice for.

There are many composite options in the market to create aesthetic results, but would have taken longer and we would have charged more for the time required to place the multiple layers.

From a pedestrian point of view, the difference in the final results between other products and Simplishade would not have justified the difference in financial cost as well as time.

The durability of the material is an unknown for me, we will have to see how it holds up.

As long as we can get several years’ worth of function out of it, I would consider it successful.

There are longer lasting materials that we could use at a much higher price point for the patient.

Every case is unique with a unique solution that needs deciding on between the patient and the doctor.

It is great to have a tool like Simplishade in your tool box. Particularly when you are deciding what is the best way to fix a problem specific to the patient.

The more tools that you have to draw from, the better the end result will be for each patient.

Order your free sample and demo now by visiting to.kerrdental.com/en/simplishade.

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