Biomin F: more a therapy than just a toothpaste

biomin fBiomin F is more than just a toothpaste – its clinical advantages mean it’s a therapy, say dental clinicians.

Clinicians who recommend Biomin F for their patients are hailing it as ‘more a therapy than just a toothpaste.’

The unique, smart bioactive technology that underpins Biomin F toothpaste means that regular use of the product not only cleans the teeth, but protects them around the clock from dentine hypersensitivity restoring lost tooth mineral.

Biomin F delivers fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions for up to 12 hours after brushing. It precipitates fluorapatite onto the tooth surfaces and within exposed dentine tubules.

Fluorapatite is extremely beneficial. It’s 10 times more resistant to acid attack (developed from sugary food and drink) than natural tooth enamel.

When patients use Biomin F regularly, a coating of acid-resistant fluorapatite is continuously produced. This builds and maintains an enhanced natural defence for teeth. And it occludes exposed tubules to counter dentine hypersensitivity.

Biomin F ‘great all-rounder for any patient’

A leading British dental university developed Biomin F. It provides benefits above and beyond that of other toothpastes which are rapidly washed away.

The fine active ingredient in Biomin F bonds to the tooth surfaces for many hours, building wrap-around protection.

London dentist, Dr Victoria Sampson, recommends Biomin F for patients with dentine hypersensitivity and tooth wear problems. She is so impressed with the results that she uses it herself.

‘Biomin F is essentially prevention and cure in one for patients with erosion,’ she says. ‘Since recommending it, I have noticed my patients’ teeth look visibly stronger.’

Yorkshire dental hygienist Gill Wallis Cliffe agrees.

Traditionally, she says, the clinician needed to identify the cause of each patient’s hypersensitivity and try to fit a suitable product to that problem. Be it erosion, abrasion or high levels of caries. ‘But Biomin – which is fantastic – covers all those bases,’ she points out. ‘The evidence is there; we are fitting all demographics across the board.’

She sees Biomin F as a professional therapeutic product. It’s ideal to support clinicians treating and helping to prevent dental problems.

Donna Paton, a dental hygienist in Ireland and former president of the Irish Dental Hygienists’ Association, believes that Biomin F has an invaluable therapeutic effect for patients with a wide variety of dental issues.

She has many successful examples of Biomin helping patients. With problems ranging from damage around orthodontic brackets to chemotherapy patients with sore mouths. But she believes that with its slow release action, Biomin F is a great all-rounder for any patient.

‘No other product does what Biomin F does; it has all the elements you would want in a toothpaste. It is our duty as hygienists to get the team on board and recommend it to patients to improve their oral health,’ she says.

More than toothpaste

Plus, Biomin F has the evidence that it’s more than merely a general toothpaste.

Last year the product gained certification to prove its claim as a medical device for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. Following intense independent scrutiny of its safety and efficacy profiles and its manufacturing standards, Biomin F gained its CE mark, uniquely proving it does what it claims.

‘Registering Biomin F as a medical device puts it in a completely different league from other toothpastes,’ says Edmund Proffitt, CEO of the British Dental Industry Association.

‘By going through the certification process, Biomin is able to make claims that are independently scrutinised and justified by a notified body. In simple terms it allows Biomin to make much more robust claims than other toothpastes.’

The CE mark accreditation is recognised not only within Europe but, says certification consultant Paul Rowden: ‘It has massive credibility worldwide. Other countries know how much the process involves’.

Biomin F has also achieved FDA 510K approval in the United States and approval from the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

In a nutshell, Biomin F toothpaste has high level, independent, international stamps of approval. As well as a growing body of evidence from clinicians and patients alike that it fulfils its claims.

It really is more than a toothpaste.

The smart, long-acting bioactive technology behind Biomin is available in other formats: Biomin C for people who wish to avoid using fluoride; and Biomin F for Kids, which provides the same level of protection as Biomin F, but in a child-friendly strawberry or melon flavour.

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