Introducing Oral X – the breakthrough solution to improve oral health

Oral-XAs Oral X launches across the UK, we speak to CEO, Richard Corline, about the device and how it helps to improve patients’ oral health.

Please introduce yourselves and Brilliant Light Therapy

Light-X is our parent company specialising in the development and production of LED-powered light therapy devices for personal use.

We sell our products under the brands of Light-X, Brilliant Light Therapy and Oral X.

We are based in Wales, however our research and development is truly international. Including strategic alliances with some of the leading global clinicians and scientists involved in light therapy across the USA and Europe.

What is the Oral X?

We developed the Oral X for personal home use. It has a mouth tray which emits ‘blue’ light when connected to the remote, rechargeable, controller.

The blue light destroys harmful oral bacteria leaving the good bacteria to thrive.

Oral X therefore offers a drug free, non-invasive, safe solution for the treatment of gum disease, sensitive teeth and bad breath.

How long do you have to use it for?

Consumers should use the device daily for a minimum of five minutes. The controller has a timer that they can set for five, 10 or 15 minutes.

Is it safe for anybody to use?

We do not know of any contraindications for using blue light therapy with this device for oral care.

How much does Oral X cost?

The cost is currently under £100 for the complete device, which also includes a 12-month warranty.

Why have we not heard more about this ‘blue’ light therapy?

Like many scientific breakthroughs, the discovery of the effect of blue light in the oral cavity came by accident.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School were researching the effects of blue light on various teeth whitening chemicals in the mouth. To their surprise they found the light was destroying harmful bacteria, but leaving helpful bacteria intact.

Can you back up the Oral X claims with evidence?

The results of the Harvard discovery have been published in numerous scientific journals. These include: The New Scientist, Harvard Magazine, NCBI and also Dentistry (USA).

What are your future plans for the Oral X?

We completed the first production run of Oral X in June 2020. Since then we have been conducting various clinical evaluations and developing our marketing and sales programme.

The major launch will consequently come in the first quarter of 2021. Our primary objective is then to ensure that the device is easily available to the people who can benefit from this unique therapy.

Could this replace toothbrushes?

The Oral X will become a significant device to improve oral health. But it does not replace the toothbrush or flossing.

A good quote comes from a WTOC, a Fox TV station in the USA when they featured this breakthrough discovery: ‘There’s no way to tell how long it will take the scientists to develop a device for use in the home. They estimate it will be just a few years. And then it’ll start appearing in bathrooms across America – right next to the battery-operated toothbrushes and mouthwash.’

Oral X is here now. We are proud to be the first company to harness blue light in an oral device for personal home use.

If you are interested in hearing more about Oral X and how you can be involved in a ground-breaking study, please email Richard Corline on [email protected].

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