Full arch workflow – a systematic approach using Chrome

full arch implants using chromeKen O’Brien explores how the team at Quoris 3D are changing the face of dentistry with their pioneering Full Arch Stackable Guide technology.

What comes to mind when I mention full-arch stackable guide technology?

You might find the concept daunting. But, the truth is, the right digital workflow can meet the highest aesthetic and functional expectations of patients undergoing dental restorations. All via a process that is intuitive to use, less invasive, predictable and saves time!

Years of experience

Recognising the need for dental practices to be able to move into this new arena with confidence, Quoris 3D founder, James Hamill, set up a pathway for dentists that offers all the expertise you need to move forward.

Still led by practising dentist James, who doubles as Quoris 3D’s clinical director, today the team has a decade of 3D experience and more than 17 years of clinical practice under our belts.

That means we can revolutionise the way you commission and purchase bespoke orthodontics, prosthodontics, mouthguards and more.

Adding a unique personal touch, James researches the products from a clinical perspective. Before we then add them to our product portfolio. That said, this is not really about products, although the finished articles are incredible. But rather about helping dental teams to save time and add value.

Making full arch a time-saving reality

We have broken down the metrics of how long it takes a dentist to complete full-arch surgery in a conventional way. If you do it from start to finish with us, you’ll save about seven hours of chair time.

From a health and safety point of view, that’s a significant bonus in these challenging times created by COVID-19. Plus, if you look at that from a financial perspective, it’s quite significant.

In addition, you can spend the new-found time with your family, on other exciting work or leisure projects. Or you can increase your business traction elsewhere and in more full-arch cases.

With me also on board as the managing director, Quoris 3D is ideally positioned to partner with practices looking to grow their business, given my experience, expertise and commitment to supporting clients in multiple ways to build confidence and achieve growth.

In addition, a dedicated team of 3D technicians has been working with the technology for over a decade. This puts Quoris right at the cutting edge.

Introducing Chrome

Chrome is the ultimate, predictable guided surgical treatment for full arch stability. Its advantages include:

  • Pre-planned bone reduction/osteotomy guidance/abutment placement/prosthetics
  • No binding and bending of plastic – the Chrome Fixation Base is created using selective laser melting (SLM) technology
  • No more blind drilling – Chrome allows visualisation of the drill as implants enter the bone
  • And no more lengthy conversions – Guidedsmile conversion takes just minutes to perform
  • Experience and support – work with a team that has completed over 3,000 cases
  • Online ordering system – easy-to-use website makes ordering extremely simple.

In overview, the Chrome Surgery Package Planning service allows the new user to experience what it is to take a Chrome Guidedsmile case through to the planning stage with minimal financial commitment. You can choose from FP1 to FP3 using either Chrome Surgery Plus or Chrome Natural Plus.

Dentists who desire a pre-planned, predictable guided ‘All-On-X’ type of surgery developed Guidedsmile. This amazing service delivers anchored bite verification, anchored bone reduction, anchored site drilling, accurate anchored provisionalisation, and a method of transferring all surgical and restorative information for the final restorative conversion phase. Most cases simply require a CT scan and traditional records.

By showing your patients the aesthetic potential of their new smile, provided through the Smilesim smile design software, presenting them with the benefits of this kind of surgery becomes easier. The patient can see the final result before the process starts.

You’re in control

In addition, Quoris 3D will work closely with you to gather the necessary patient records, scans and impressions. Quoris 3D’s process can use both digital and/or traditional impression methods.

Then, once the initial records are complete and uploaded onto our website, you will be invited to an online planning meeting to finalise all aspects of the case. This includes:

  • Planned bone reduction
  • Detailed implant placement and orientation
  • Abutment placement and orientation
  • Prosthetic delivery
  • Approval for manufacture of guides and prosthetics.

The real bonus here is that, as a clinician, you are in control of the case.

During the planning meeting you get to adjust and change the plan as you see fit and sign it off to your specifications. The planner simply guides you in relation to positioning and what that means for the final prosthetic outcome. You are in control without having to spend an age planning.

Upon completion of the online planning call you receive a detailed email that confirms the overall plan. It lists what implants, abutments and components need ordering from your local implant representative to complete the case.

Your case will go to manufacture and within 14 days of the planning meeting you will receive your case-specific presentation box. This contains all the required Chrome components as agreed. Including detailed written guides of both the surgical and restorative treatment phases.

Chairside support is also available. We are here to help ensure that both you and your patients benefit fully from Chrome.

A leading light

As you can tell, Quoris 3D is indisputably a leader in full arch workflow and design. In fact, to date we have completed over 8,000 arches.

This huge level of experience across multiple implant platforms is unsurpassed in the industry.

Being totally independent of any implant company, Chrome is about delivering efficient, accurate and technologically advanced treatments to your patients; it’s not about selling implants.

Tried and tested, the technology is at the forefront of full-arch workflow in America at the moment. It offers outcomes of an extremely high standard, is incredibly predictable and very intuitive to use. In fact, data suggests that 95% of all clinicians who try it go on to use it a second, third and fourth time!

If you would like to try Chrome for yourself – one of the world’s leading full arch guided solutions – for a limited period we are inviting dentists to take up our offer of a free case evaluation. Simply send a CBCT and retracted side-on and face-on photos and we will evaluate the case with you.

For further information, please contact Orla Sheehy, sales manager Ireland and Scotland, on +353 874512000 or Amanda Williams, sales manager England and Wales, on 07769 353598.

Alternatively, visit quoris3d.com or email us on [email protected].

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