Where does the current evidence base lead you in terms of plaque control?

healthy habitsIn a recent interview with Professors Nicola West and Tim Newton, they spoke about how dental professionals can build on the support they already provide to their patients, to try to achieve improved plaque control.

Controlling plaque

Nicola West: The evidence continues to show that the bedrock of periodontal treatment is daily tooth brushing by the individual.

For certain patients, when critical threshold for plaque accumulation to trigger gingivitis is low, the patient may benefit from adjunctive agents for primary prevention of periodontal disease. The literature would then suggest using an adjunctive mouth rinse.

Reviewing the literature, for example Serrano et al (2015) and Figuero et al (2020), adjunctive mouth rinses are beneficial.

The research suggests that to reduce plaque, essential oils have efficacy. As does chlorhexidine.

To read the interview in full visit here: www.dentistry.co.uk/2020/12/02/managing-oral-hygiene-healthy-habits.

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