Why my Castellini?

castellini Skema 8 ContinentalAt the start of 2021 we share some highlights of RPA’s featured Castellini customers as a precursor to the new series of interviews launching early this year.

Many studies point to five determinants that are most likely to influence the purchase of dental equipment. Among which quality is the most powerful determining factor.

After-sales service and brand reputation are the next priorities after quality. And, interestingly, price is a lower influence.

For many, the influence of practitioners whom they respect and admire is also a primary consideration. With this in mind, RPA Dental corralled many of its most influential customers to talk about their Castellini chairs and what motivated them to install them.

Dr Michael Norton

Michael Norton explains how Astra implants have helped shape his careerI bought a Castellini chair first and foremost because of its safety features. Particularly those relating to decontamination and cross infection control.

The auto sterile feature and the fact that all the handles, ‘bits and bobs’ come off and can go into the autoclave, that for me is the key thing. The number one reason and all the more pertinent now!

I am a bit OCD when it comes to maintaining a clean working area. So it reflects me in that respect.

I think I am probably quite well known for my very high tech approach to implant surgery. I love the fact it is very well designed for someone performing oral surgery. And the fact that it is very well designed for stripping down and decontaminating to ensure complete cross infection control.

Number two was the equipment itself, which is impressive. I love my Castellini because of the sheer range of equipment options available for it.

As a practice that specialises in treating patients with implants, it was great all those years ago to buy a chair that integrates the implant motor with torque control. In fact Castellini was one of the first companies to provide a chair with an integrated implant motor.

Along with the implant motor, it also has a facility to deliver sterile saline through the chair. It is now a common feature on a lot of chairs, and ideal for people like me who perform a lot of implants. But Castellini was one of the first to offer that integrated facility for implant surgery.

And given my position as an implant surgeon, that was a big selling feature for me. My respect for the brand stems from that time.

Dr Kevin Dobbs

Kevin Dobbs

The Castellini chair has evolved rather than changed fundamentally over the years; it is roughly the same design.

It has always been contemporary and ergonomic. However, we have seen more and more features appearing. It has become more technologically sophisticated, but is still simple to operate.

Reliability is everything to us and we cover ourselves by taking out a service pack so we just know that RPA Dental continually looks after our units.

The service RPA Dental offers is second to none. We are really impressed with it. And that’s a massive reason why dentists should consider Castellini, as peace of mind is so important.

The Castellini range is great because it gives you the ability to customise your unit to suit your individual needs. Whichever bit of equipment you need at hand, whether it is an ultrasonic scaler, an apex locator, a surgical handpiece for implant placement, a specific camera, you name it, it is possible to incorporate the features you want into the unit. This makes it fully functional for each operator, and intuitive to use.

And of course, for my work, the hand pieces are very easy to control and the new overhead light is incredibly good. In fact, probably the best I have used so far.

The hands free control feature is so useful, as is the ability to control the intensity and value of the light.

From a cross infection control viewpoint, even more so now with COVID-19, I am very impressed by the ability to clean down the units.

The cross infection features are really good. There is a very reliable cleaning system which cleans the airline and waterline at the end of each day.

Dr Kunal Patel

Kunal Patel CastelliniMy Castellini chair is hugely impressive. Once the patient positions themselves, there is no need to strain their head. The chair moves in all directions and I no longer need to ask my patients to reposition themselves. The head rest is unreal with its pressurised element to support the head.

The chair also slides backwards and forwards so I can position it to suit my working position.

The functionality is phenomenal. Before I would have had to change or get extra equipment to use for implant treatments, endodontics or a root canal. But with the Castellini, it has different modes. Castellini builds everything in, so it is fast and efficient – it is ready to go for every treatment.

Castellini builds the X-ray functionality into the chair, instead of connecting into the wall. It makes it a lot more practical and easy to manoeuvre.

In the event of any technical issue, I get second-to-none support from RPA Dental. One of their engineers is able to connect to the chair remotely.

That’s insane service and it relieves so much pressure from me. For me, it is priceless.

My Castellini makes my dentistry a lot slicker, and so much more intuitive. That means I don’t have to worry about anything and can concentrate on what I am good at. 

Dr Alfonso Rao

castellini chair

Everything I need I can integrate into my Castellini chair, from an implant motor to an external camera.

It is really technologically advanced and really comfortable – from what my patients tell me – in comparison to other chairs in other dental practices. It feels great to offer that level of comfort to my patients. And I appreciate the positive feedback too.

The aesthetic of the chair is also very appealing.

The distribution in the UK is carried out by RPA. Both the support and attention to detail they offer are second to none. So I feel I can confidently use it and if anything happens, I am reassured that I will be sorted immediately.

The Castellini chair has an app that links to the engineer. If anything does happen, the engineer can log in and assess or sort the fault remotely.

Alternatively, the engineer can diagnose the issue before his visit to the practice. That means the team can half solve the problem before they come to the door. It is therefore a quick fix too as he does not have to identify the fault from scratch.

That is, in my view, totally unique to Castellini and RPA and I am thrilled by their level of service!

As a dentist, having a Castellini chair is very important.

The main one I use is the top of the spectrum. I use it mainly for teaching in my dental academy. It has a built in camera and I can carry out live surgery and have this projected so people I am training can follow.

As a specialist practice offering complex treatments, we absolutely need to ensure we arm ourselves with the best tools that are possibly available to us in order to deliver a high level of dentistry.

More information

For more information please visit www.dental-equipment.co.uk/dental-chairs/castellini.

RPA Dental is keen to find out what your Castellini means to you. Please contact [email protected] to feature in the next series of interviews.

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