P-001 – the new extra-oral aerosol suction system

P-001Olif introduces its innovative new extra-oral aerosol suction system, keeping the dental team and patients safe whilst working.

The innovative suction system largely eliminates airborne particles, including the COVID-19 virus, from the operating area. Surgery trials have so far given extremely positive results.

The system provides superior suction efficiency due to a unique mobile tray that sits in front of the patients face and powerful suction motor.

Suction noise is reduced to unnoticeable levels thanks to advanced sound insulation of the unit.

P-001 background

The idea for P-001 was developed soon after the start of lockdown by Rok Celesnik, a dentist with 35 years’ experience, who was facing a total shutdown of his business.

He knew the biggest problem in his or any surgery was the airborne particles. The aerosols that fill the operating room during dental treatment contain saliva, blood, bits of ground teeth, bacteria and viruses, including potentially the COVID-19 virus.

How do you capture those aerosols, so they don’t travel from your client’s mouth to everyone in the same room?

Rok engaged in the help of local specialists – a mechanical engineer, a furniture designer, a Corian specialist and a nearby manufacturer of electrical suction motors, a global leader in the field of brushless motors.

Together they developed the prototype of an extra-oral dental suction system. Rok then started testing this in his surgery after the lockdown eased in May 2020.

The P-001 system consequently represents the core element of his personal protection equipment (PPE).

What makes the P-001 system unique?

The most innovative part of the P-001 system is the Corian suction table. This is a tray that ergonomically fits around the neck of a patient.

Because of its proximity to the source of the aerosol and its relatively large surface area, the highest concentration of airborne particles that come from the patient’s mouth is removed from the air. The risk of infection and transmission of viruses is therefore greatly reduced.

The tray is connected by an extendable hose to the hermetically insulated cabinet, also made of the Corian material. This contains a powerful suction motor and three HEPA filters.

The cleaned sucked up air can now return to the room or pumped out of surgery if preferred.

P-001 advantages

Apart from the unique design of the suction tray, the key advantage of P-001 is the material – Corian. This is known for its hygienic, durable and easy to clean properties.

Other benefits and advantages also include:

  • Easy manipulation, simple to use, it doesn’t require additional technical training
  • Can be located inside or outside the operating room
  • Three HEPA filters remove 99.97% of harmful particles
  • Powerful and durable suction motor, with quieter brushless technology, made in Europe by global leaders in vacuum motors
  • Sound insulation provides greatly reduced noise levels
  • Designed and tested by a professional dentist who understands the user needs from first hand experience
  • Local UK support. For example, warranty and spare parts provided by Olif Ltd. The P-001 system is fully manufactured in Europe.

P-001 results

Dozens of dentists have pilot tested the P-001. They all provided very positive feedback.

The system drastically reduces the risk of virus transmission during their work and allows them to get on with their jobs in a more efficient and safer manner.

The system will launch in the UK just before Christmas. For further information please contact Olif Ltd or call 01342 834 003.

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