Shaking up oral health – with Amit Patel

Amit Patel on CliniseptAfter winning an award for Best Innovation, Amit Patel gives us his thoughts on Clinisept+ Mouthwash and why he uses it.

How long have you been using Clinisept+ Mouthwash for? And how pleased are you with it?

I’ve been using it for two years now and my patients prefer this to a chlorhexidine mouthwash. We are using it for our implant and perio surgical cases and the healing is far better than expected.

Do you use Clinisept+ Mouthwash on all patients coming into the surgery?

Post lockdown we are using it as a preventive measure to reduce the viral load in the patients’ mouth. This helps keep the staff safe and our surrounding community safe.

Do you only recommend it for patients undergoing a particular type of procedure?

Yes, I do mostly surgical procedures and also more and more for non surgical periodontal therapy. Again the tissue heals very well indeed.

How long do you recommend patients use Clinisept+ Mouthwash for?

Following a procedure I recommend they use Clinisept+ for one week.

My periodontal therapy patients like to use it as daily mouthwash now. My implant patients will use it on their interdental brushes when cleaning the implants.

Which benefits do you usually see, or do your patients report, when using Clinisept+ Mouthwash verses other mouthwashes?

  • Accelerated recovery following treatment
  • Reduced patient discomfort
  • No teeth staining
  • Resolution of sore mouths/ulcers.

Who else recommends Clinisept+?

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