Air purification solutions from BA International

air purification from BA International

AGPs and air decontamination continue to be important topics in dentistry. BA International has a range of products that help towards air purification and aerosol reduction in surgeries.

The Optima EOS350 is an extra-oral suction unit designed to capture aerosols and airborne droplets generated during dental procedures.

A HEPA14 filtration system traps particles ≥ 0.3micron. While double UVC lamps inactivate viruses and bacteria trapped by the filter.

Together with a switch to speed increasing contra-angles (1:5 red band, BA200LTS or BA250LT), which generate fewer aerosols than high speed turbines, this can help mitigate the risk around aerosol generation.

Air purification

BA is now combining its offering with the Hextio unit from Radic8’s ‘Viruskiller’ air decontamination systems.

The unit will purify air in a space and also deactivate many types of virus in a single air pass.

The Hextio is a small, portable unit for small spaces such as on a desk in an office or reception area.

It is suitable for rooms of up to 20sqm and has an airflow capability of 12-20 CFM. It requires no specific installation, simply plug the unit in and it is ready to go!

Currently, BA is offering one free Hextio unit with the purchase of an EOS350, or with purchases of over £2,500+VAT.

For more details and pricing on the EOS350 units and other products, please call 01604 777700 or email [email protected].

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