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One third of dentists experienced abuse from patients during pandemic

Dentists say they are 'routinely' experiencing verbal abuse from patients – with half (48%) saying they feel pessimistic about the future

third of dentists experienced abuse from patients during the COVID pandemic, according to new Dental Protection statistics. And 5% say they experienced verbal abuse outside of the surgery. Healthcare professionals dedicate their lives to achieving the very best for their patients. The least they should expect is to be able to practise or live their lives without receiving abuse for it. The pandemic brought the best and worst out of people. But maybe this is a sign the pendulum has swung too far the wrong way.

ARF will remain unchanged for 2021

The annual retention fee (ARF) for 2021 will not change, the General Dental Council (GDC) has confirmed

The GDC announced its Annual Retention Fee would remain the same for 2021. The dental regulator has history for taking advantage of those it regulates to replenish its coffers. Despite reporting a 10% reduction in income, the GDC is still able to keep its ARF at the same level. I believe this shows the organisation has been better run over the past few years and hopefully it’s a promising sign for the future.

CDO for England releases new SOP for dentistry

The latest standard operating procedure (SOP) for NHS dental services in England has been released

This week NHS England updated its SOP for dental practices. Key revisions include the reduction of fallow time and changes to mask requirements. We’re now at the point where many dental practices are almost running to the same capacity they were before lockdown. It’s taken a while, but at least dentistry is now working towards recovery.

Can dentistry survive without furlough?

on furlough

Can dentistry survive without the furlough scheme? This week marks the end of the furlough scheme so we asked Andy Acton whether this might halt dentistry’s recovery. In his response he covers the Job Support Scheme and looks towards an optimistic future for the profession.

Black Lives Matter – have we seen any progress in dentistry?

It's been five months since the murder of George Floyd shook the world and sparked hundreds of global protests

It’s been five months since the murder of George Floyd shook the world and sparked hundreds of global anti-racism protests. This week Dentistry Online asked dentists and dental professionals whether they’ve felt any progress has been made in dentistry since the Black Lives Matter movement.

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A summary of the CDO's coronavirus webinar for the dental industry

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