Digital impressions will help your practice recover

taking digital impressionsJason Longden, digital solutions manager at Henry Schein Dental, on the compelling case for digital impressions.

Even before COVID-19 hit, the case for digital impression taking over its analogue alternative was already strong. The increased accuracy, speed and efficiency of the latest intraoral scanners were driving factors for an increase in convincing dental practices to invest in digital impression taking technology.

Now, the case for digital is even more compelling. The need to provide safe dental care and minimise the chances of cross-contamination within the practice are absolute priorities.

Less risky than conventional impressions

The temptation to continue with the processes you know is strong. But the risk of cross-infection from taking a conventional impression is now a serious consideration.

The conventional ‘wet’ impression process involves the handling of several pieces of equipment. It requires the manual insertion of the impression tray into the patient’s mouth. Not to mention the handling of the physical impression itself. Then there’s the transport to the laboratory and the subsequent handling by technicians.

All these physical touchpoints are potential vehicles for the transmission of pathogens. We must undertake them using the most stringent cleaning and decontamination protocols. Which increases costs and slows you down.

In contrast, the only piece of physical equipment required for a digital impression is the intraoral scanner.

These sleek, digital wands also require cleaning and decontamination between uses. But they often come with removable autoclavable, wipe-down or single-use sleeves. Which makes this quick and straightforward.

Once the intraoral scan is captured, the rest of the process is digital.

What’s more, at a time when dentists are looking to minimise the amount of time their patients spend in the chair, digital impression taking is faster and more efficient. Not to mention more comfortable for the patient.

Faster restorations

If you want to offer your patients a fast solution for single unit restorations, you could also invest in a chairside milling unit. This would enable you to offer same-day crowns, inlays and onlays.

This option requires patients to visit the practice only once. Reducing the COVID-19 risk and allowing you to maximise your daily revenue by keeping everything in-house.

The latest chairside systems are simple to install and intuitive to use. You can scan and digitally design simple restorations effortlessly in no time. And your patients will be grateful for the fast and efficient service – all complete in just one visit.

A great time to invest

Although the future may well seem uncertain, dentists, as healthcare providers, are amongst the nominated group of ‘essential’ services.

Regaining patients’ trust is now a top priority. Reassuring them of the safety of your practice goes a long way to rebuilding confidence in the sector.

Henry Schein Financial Services offers a range of customised packages to suit the individual dental professional’s needs. It makes investment in digital equipment within every dentist’s grasp. And with interest rates still at rock bottom, there’s never been a better time to invest in the future of your practice.

Henry Schein Dental offers a large number of intraoral scanners from all the leading manufacturers. Our team of specialists is available via remote consultation to talk you through all the options – to make an affordable, tailor-made solution just for you.

Find out more by visiting or email [email protected].

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