Zirkonzahn’s digital workflow exclusively combined with the Planesystem

Zirkonzahn explains how its digital workflow now perfectly combines with the Planesystem, improving restorations in a digital world.

Located in the heart of the Alps, Zirkonzahn is a family-run company that provides innovative solutions for the dental sector.

All of Zirkonzahn’s processable materials, hardware and software are conceived and developed in-house. This guarantees constant controls over the production process and therefore complies with the company’s high-quality standards.

The company’s primary goal is to boost the dentist and dental technician collaboration.

Zirkonzahn provides them with dedicated, simplified instruments for a smooth and reliable workflow; from implant planning procedures to the final restoration. Giving particular attention to the patient’s satisfaction. All without losing the boundary between the competences and areas of responsibility of the two professional figures.

Digital workflow

Clinicians can carry out Zirkonzahn’s workflow 100% digitally with an intraoral scanner.

Depending on the dental laboratory’s working procedures, clinicians can also include analogue steps. This revolves around the accurate recording of patients’ data.

Indeed, Zirkonzahn’s workflow is perfectly and exclusively combined with the Planesystem (MDT Udo Plaster, in collaboration with Zirkonzahn). This is a transfer method that respects and recognises the patient as a person.

Monolithic, zirconia restoration made 100% with Zirkonzahn’s digital workflow using the Planesystem and the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner

The increasing success of this method comes from the innovative yet simple acquisition of patient-specific information. We can transfer this 1:1 into the virtual world without the loss of information.

This allows for a better achievable function and aesthetics design of restorations in the digital world. It enables dentists to provide their patients with a comprehensive consultation based on 100% individual and predictable outcomes. It results in a greater engagement of the patient, who can have an accurate preview of his final restoration.

Learn more about Zirkonzahn’s digital workflow with the Planesystem and the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner. Join our webinars and free live web-conferences!

For more information, visit www.zirkonzahn.com.

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