Virtual consultations – three quick tips for dentists

Chris Barrow gives his three top tips for dentists looking to undertake and offer virtual consultations to new and existing patients.

Virtual consultation platforms

We have all seen the plethora of virtual consultation platforms that have appeared since lockdown on dental practice websites.

Chris says leading practices are now ensuring there is an easy-to-follow, quick system to book an online consultation free of charge on the practice’s homepage. Either with a treatment coordinator or clinician.

Ensure you can talk to patients via a video consultation platform

Whether it’s Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc, make sure you talk to patients one-on-one through a video consultation platform.

Here you can talk about their consultation, treatment plan and also answer any questions.

‘But don’t lose sight of the opportunity to use that webinar platform to bring groups of patients together,’ Chris points out.

Some clients are offering virtual open evenings on a particular treatment. He suggests inviting existing patients along to tell their story. Then, as a clinician, tell patients about your expertise and perhaps some before and after examples.


Loom from Google allows you to record a brief video and embed this inside an email to a patient. Instead of reading ‘another email’, patients can watch the dentist live.

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