Case of the week – recommendations and guidelines for dentists using the BEWE

Case of the week – BEWEIn this article we find out all about erosive tooth wear and how carrying out the BEWE at each examination could help check for the condition.

This paper explains how to screen tooth wear in general practice using the Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE) index.

It explains how stakeholders in the UK acknowledge the convenience of the BEWE and that clinicians could record it at the same time as the Basic Periodontal Examination.

The article contains examples of anterior and posterior tooth wear for each BEWE score to help dentists in their evaluation.

We know not every dentist records tooth wear.

Those that do use a multitude of different methods. From indices to terms such as mild, moderate or severe.

A standardised format to record tooth wear is ideal. And one that is familiar can facilitate better uptake.

Find out more about erosive tooth wear here.

Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE)

The Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE) index was devised in 2008 as a screening tool for general practitioners to help with routine dental examinations (Bartlett, Ganss and Lussi, 2008).

Recently in the UK, a group of stakeholders united to promote that every routine dental examination should also include an assessment of erosive tooth wear (Bartlett et al, 2019).

The BEWE and the BPE use the same procedure and similar scoring system. Thus clinicians can record them at the same time.

The benefit of recording tooth wear at every clinical examination is that it is therefore less likely the clinician will miss tooth wear.

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