Reduce cross contamination in the laboratory with Kemdent Pumicesafe Universal cleaner

contamination cleanerKemdent explains how its Pumicesafe Universal cleaner can help dental technicians avoid cross-contamination in dental laboratories.

A major source of cross-contamination in the dental lab comes from pumice slurry and brushes used to polish a denture before returning it to the dentist for fitting in a patient’s mouth.

One study found that pathogenic microorganisms heavily contaminated the pumice slurry. Adding a cleaner lowered the bacteria count.

This means the slurry, polishing instruments, and the dental appliances are all sources of cross contamination.

The technician doing the polishing is at risk. As well as the dentist who handles the device. And, above all, the patient who will wear it.

Another study associated contaminated slurry with the high level of eye infections amongst dental technicians observed due to spatter.

Cross contamination prevention

There are several preventative measures, which are very efficient at reducing the risks of cross contamination; these include disinfecting the pumice pan and changing the pumice regularly, making up the slurry using an Kemdent Pumicesafe, soaking the lathe brushes and reg wheels after each use in Pumicesafe cleaner to ensure they are not contaminated and wearing the appropriate protective clothing (such as eye protection and a dust mask to protect from spatter).

Pumice slurry made with Kemdent Pumicesafe cleaner reduces the risk of bacteria and fungi in the slurry. Thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination as well as reducing bad smells.

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