Magnification – making the future a little clearer

dentist using magnification loupesPete Gibbons explains why correct magnification and working with loupes is so essential in a post-COVID dental practice.

Being able to see the oral cavity in full focus is essential for diagnostics and treatment. This is why loupes, lights and microscopes are some of the most important tools in the dental professional’s armoury.

In the current climate, dentists and also dental care professionals (DCPs) face an even greater challenge in caring for large numbers of patients awaiting essential dental treatment within strict safety guidelines.

So, improved diagnostics leading to reduced treatment time, reduced aerosol generation and minimisation of close patient contact make magnification a significant benefit.

The use of magnification is also advancing the move towards minimally invasive techniques.

Loupes and microscopes enable clinicians to see the oral cavity in more detail. But they also allow working at an optimal distance from the patient. All with the added benefit of better posture and ergonomics.

The benefits of loupes

Loupes and lights have already become essential pieces of equipment for even the most routine procedures. They offer a range of compelling benefits including:

  • Clarity of vision – the extra clarity gained from wearing loupes and using a suitable light makes accuracy and attention to detail easier to achieve, while reducing eye fatigue
  • Diagnosis – seeing the treatment area in more detail assists with faster and more accurate diagnosis
  • Posture and ergonomics – correctly fitted loupes improve posture during treatment and reduce muscle pain in the shoulders, neck and back in both the immediate and longer term.

Dental operating microscopes

Where greater depth and width of field of view is required, dental microscopes are the next important step up.

In general, users can set magnification between 4x and 25x. Thereby expanding the diagnostic options due to better lighting and sight.

They are particularly useful in dentistry for a variety of purposes including:

  • Diagnosis of subgingival deposits
  • Diagnosis of microfractures and longitudinal fractures
  • Spotting defective marginal fit of restorations
  • More detailed study of root canal anatomy and the root surface.

The benefits of magnification are many. But all offer advantages across a range of dental disciplines:

  • Restorative dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Oral surgery.

Seeing the bigger picture

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought about a fundamental change in delivering dental treatment. There is therefore a significant move towards a preventative and minimally invasive approach to meet the clinical challenges ahead.

Clarity of vision is an essential part of meeting these new demands. It helps to stabilise and treat patients using non-invasive, non-AGP (aerosol generating procedure) prevention principles and techniques.

But which treatments are best suited to magnification? And how do you choose the magnification tools that are right for your specific clinical needs?

Henry Schein’s new Magnification e-book has the answers.

This newly-launched interactive guide takes an in-depth look into loupes, lights and microscopes, and the range of different options available. With a clear explanation of their advantages, applications and specifications. And also what considerations are important before purchase.

There has consequently never been a more significant time to consider the benefits of magnification.

Henry Schein Dental offers excellent equipment and expert advice to help dental professionals make the most appropriate choice for their individual needs.

Visit today. Speak to one of our magnification specialists and request more information or request a demonstration. Call 0800 028 4870 or email [email protected].


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