The new Oral-B toothpaste – introducing Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Oral-B toothpaste

Oral-B has unveiled its latest toothpaste – Sensitivity & Gum Calm – aimed at fighting plaque and gum problems.

Sensitivity is caused by nerves which are stimulated in the dentine layer of teeth exposed by tooth wear or periodontal disease – amongst other things.

And those suffering from dental sensitivity can find this time of year challenging. This is experienced by a significant chunk of the population when eating or drinking cold or sweet food, or taking a gasp of cold air,

Sensitivity is often experienced in conjunction with gum irritation. This was the premise behind the launch of Oral-B’s new toothpaste, Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm.

Sensitivity relief

Containing stabilised stannous fluoride, it acts by blocking the dentinal tubules and prevents the stimuli causing the painful nerve impulses. Additionally, if it’s used regularly, it will continue to block the tubules. Thereby providing ongoing sensitivity relief.

The stabilised stannous fluoride also gives Oral-B’s Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste an antimicrobial element, which fights plaque and gum problems. It inhibits antimicrobial growth as well as reducing the ability of bacteria to ‘stick’ to tooth and gum surfaces.

Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm is formulated to strengthen teeth and soothe what they are built on – gums!

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