Online Dentistry Show: Professor David Bartlett – changing clinical practice

The Online Dentistry Show is hosting the first virtual exhibition in UK dentistry with support from gold sponsors, Regenerate, and speaker David BartlettComing this September, the Online Dentistry Show is putting on the very first virtual exhibition in UK dentistry with support from gold sponsors, Regenerate.

The first-of-its-kind event is coming on 4 and 5 of September. With a host of industry leaders and speakers, delegates can also get 12 hours of free enhanced CPD.

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Professor David Bartlett

Professor David Bartlett is presenting a lecture on erosive tooth wear at the Online Dentistry Show on Saturday 5 September. Professor Bartlett is head of centre for clinical, oral and translational sciences at the faculty of dentistry, oral and craniofacial science, King’s College London. He is also head of prosthodontics.

He is internationally recognised for his research on erosive tooth wear and a joint founder of the Erosive Tooth Wear Foundation; a charity set up to improve knowledge and understanding of the condition.

As he will explain, erosive tooth wear affects up to 30% of the population and is the third most common dental condition. Professor Bartlett believes we need to change perceptions about the consequences of this condition. Furthermore, he believes we need to encourage dentists and hygienists to routinely screen for erosion at all examinations.

Main focus

Dental erosion is a worldwide problem. The talk will draw on studies conducted around the world to illustrate its relevance. Having recognised the presence of erosion, and recorded it, his talk will conclude with recommendations for simple interventions. For example, changing diet habits and using specialist toothpastes. These can reduce the risk of condition progression.

The main focus of his practice-friendly talk will be to encourage all practitioners to routinely screen patients using the BEWE. Additionally, he will explain that the BEWE is a tool to record any form of tooth wear – erosion, attrition and abrasion. And how it is simple to use and can be conducted in parallel with BPE, saving valuable chair time and achieving the greatest impact for patient benefit.

Professor Bartlett said: ‘I am delighted to have been invited by Unilever to address Online Dentistry Show delegates. I hope they will come away with a greater appreciation and understanding about erosive tooth wear. As well as its implications on patients’ dentition and their quality of life.

‘I will show how to use the simple BEWE as a way to routinely screen patients for tooth wear. Additionally, I will outline effective ways to mitigate and reduce the risk of erosive tooth wear.’

The live lecture will take place on Saturday 5 September, from 13:40 to 14:40.


A spokesperson for Unilever said: ‘The company has developed one of the effective ways of mitigating the risks associated with tooth erosion. Delegates will learn about the ground-breaking science behind Regenerate Enamel Science’s NR-5 Technology. This was developed after over 10 years’ research into enamel remineralisation inspired by the elements used in bone repair treatment.

‘The two key NR-5 ingredients – calcium silicate and sodium phosphate salts – combine to form a fresh supply of enamel minerals. As a result, this dental system is the first regime capable of regenerating enamel mineral with exactly the same mineral from which tooth enamel is made.

‘The patented NR-5 technology acts on early invisible stages of enamel erosion. It helps to regenerate tooth enamel by restoring its mineral content and micro hardness with regular use.

‘The regime is comprised of a combination of a toothpaste and serum. For example, in-vitro tests measuring enamel hardness show it is clinically proven to regenerate enamel mineral. As a result, 82% of enamel mineral is regenerated after three days.

‘For delegates who would like to learn more and delve deeper into the subject, a series of accredited CPD modules for dental professionals have been developed on enamel erosion, erosive tooth wear and diagnosis.

‘The Regenerate Enamel Science modules are free and can be used as verified CPD hours. Also available are filmed lectures and webinars presented by esteemed experts. These can all be accessed via a new Regenerate learning portal being launched in September.

‘Unilever has also partnered the Erosive Tooth Wear Foundation, which raises public awareness and provides education about the condition of enamel erosion, its prevention and treatment.’

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