Industry giants team up with Stealth Mask for reusable face masks

using stealth maskStealth Mask explains why it is the mask supplier of choice for some of the leading dental providers in the UK.

Stealth Mask is a specialist manufacturer and wholesale supplier of respiratory protection equipment. It supplies the industrial and healthcare sectors, including the NHS and dentistry.

Stealth’s manufacturing 8,000sq ft site is in Preston, Lancashire. Here it produces masks and filters by a highly-trained workforce.

Stealth’s sales director, David Wood, said: ‘Since 2016, we’ve been supplying the manufacturing, healthcare and wholesale sectors with our Stealth Mask range and HEPAC filter technology.

‘We now feel the time is right to share the innovative technology we have been developing for the last five years, to protect both clinicians and their patients.

‘We are growing exponentially and our production output for 2020 is anticipated to be circa 3.7 million masks.’

Stealth Mask

NHS guidelines recommend Stealth’s P3 Half Mask as it offers 99%+ filtration efficiency. Thus it is the preferred choice for thousands of UK clinicians already.

Key decision-makers from Mydentist and Rodericks Dental, the UK’s largest dental care providers, explain why they chose Stealth Mask as their preferred reusable mask across their network of 700+ combined practices.

Dr Nyree Whitley BDS, group clinical director at Mydentist, says: ‘We considered a number of alternative reusable masks in the market. But the Stealth Mask provides a better clinical solution for us. It offers ease of use, a lightweight low profile, and exceptional face fit pass rates of 92%. This was therefore a key consideration in getting our 6,000 clinical staff safely back to our practices delivering excellent face to face patient care.’

‘Excellent’ service

Catherine Brady, chief clinical officer at Rodericks Dental, says: ‘We decided very early on that we wanted to provide all of our employed members of staff with Stealth P3 Half Masks, and support our self-employed clinicians. We did this because we were having difficulties getting a good fit on reusable masks. The financial benefit of using a Stealth Mask was also clear.

‘Many of our dentists had already began using Stealth’s masks and were happy with them. This, along with the reduced environmental impact of a reusable mask, helped us to make the decision in July to place an order.

‘Fit testing the Stealth Masks has been reliable at 95% success. They are quick and easy to fit test, take on and off, clean and change the filters. The level of service with the company is excellent, from day one. Stealth has kept us updated about delivery times and communicated very well with us.’

Delivering on promises

Dameon Bamber, director of procurement at Mydentist was equally complimentary of Stealth Mask’s products, adding: ‘We immediately recognised the benefit of using a reusable mask over a disposable FFP3. Both commercially and in terms of providing a safe, reliable solution for our clinical colleagues.

‘Our challenge was to find a manufacturer who could match our ambition to deliver a national rollout during a very challenging period in the UK dental market.

‘The team at Stealth did a great job in delivering their promises. They were accessible showing great flexibility, ensuring they could meet our requirements 100% of the time.’

Stealth P3 Mask

Widely recognised as the gold standard for filtration, the Stealth P3 Mask offers up to 99.999% filtration of silica dust, oils, mists, aerosols and bacteria.

The one-strap pull mechanism (not behind the ears) gives an ultimate face seal. It is also recommended for all types of industrial and healthcare environments. This consequently includes high-dust factories and hospitals.

The Stealth P3 grille covers 100% of the filter surface area, deflecting particulates and moisture away, thus prolonging the life of the filter.

The Stealth P3 half-mask respirator with interchangeable filters is the perfect match for all clinicians to use, and here’s why:

  • Highest filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns
  • Up to 99.999% protection against aerosols and bacteria
  • 95%+ face fit pass rate* across both males and females
  • Lowest breathing resistance of any half mask on the market
  • Cost-effective, sustainable, comfortable and durable
  • Sleek unobtrusive design to accommodate visors and other PPE
  • Large downward facing exhaust valve for non-misting or steaming of goggles
  • Latex and silicone-free TPE medical grade face seal – users can wear the masks for eight+ hours

*Source information from a list of 5,000 clinicians’ face fit pass rates.

To see why Stealth Mask is the preferred partner for clinicians everywhere, visit And also receive 15% off with checkout code 15OFFDENTAL.

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