Stars of Dentistry Online – Linda Greenwall: White, whiter and whitening innovations

Stars of Dentistry is back! We’re publishing some of our past Stars of Dentistry lectures on Dentistry Online, completely free.

This week in the Stars of Dentistry Online series, we hear from Linda Greenwall and her lecture ‘White, whiter and whitening innovations’.

You can see the complete lecture below.

The lecture will discuss current tooth whitening techniques in dental practice. It will also focus on new whitening innovations for 2016.

Linda will then discuss the question of ‘how white is white enough?’, as well as issues related to ‘bleachorexia’. The course will elaborate on all tooth bleaching techniques and how to combine these treatments with further aesthetic dentistry.

Aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Have the knowledge and an understanding of the scientific basis of bleaching
  • Have a detailed knowledge of all dental bleaching techniques
  • Be able to answer patients’ questions and concerns with regards to dental bleaching that any patient may ask.

More about Linda Greenwall

Dr Linda Greenwall was born in Cape Town, South Africa where she studied dentistry, graduating in Johannesburg in 1984.

Linda moved to London after her graduation to work in general practice. She later started to specialise in restorative dentistry, before embarking upon an MSc at Guy’s in London.

Linda is editor-in-chief of Aesthetic Dentistry Today. In 2016 she was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Aesthetic Dentistry Award.

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