Boost treatment acceptance with Dentogo

DentogoStraumann introduces Dentogo, its virtual assessment and treatment monitoring tool that can significantly increase dental treatment uptakes.

It can be frustrating when a patient enquires about dental treatment, only to disappear after their consultation. It is a waste of time for clinicians, the practice and the patient too. This is especially damaging in the current economic climate. By enhancing treatment acceptance among patients who attend appointments, you can boost your efficiency and your profitability.

Dentogo virtual assessment and treatment monitoring technology from the Straumann Group can help to significantly increase treatment uptake in your practice.

Patient education

When patients don’t appreciate their current oral health status, or understand what treatment entails, they are highly unlikely to proceed.

Dentogo provides an AI-generated report from images the patient uploads. From this, they can access a wealth of information about their oral health, potential areas in need of attention and possible treatment options that might be available to them. They have time to digest this and decide what they care most about addressing. All before their first visit to the practice.

The result, if and when they do book an appointment, is a more educated and prepared patient. One that is more likely to proceed with treatment.

Patient objectives highlighted

Another potential barrier to treatment uptake is when clinicians are not aware of a patient’s chief concerns regarding their smile. Therefore, they don’t address them in the treatment proposal.

The Dentogo AI-generated report enables patients to clearly identify what they care most and least about correcting to eliminate any miscommunication.

Number of practice visits

Most dental patients have always appreciated treatments that encroach as little as possible on their daily lives. Right now, increased concerns over safety and the risk of infection when visiting public areas means that even more people will value fewer dental appointments.

Dentogo significantly reduces practice visits both by facilitating the initial virtual assessment and enabling remote treatment monitoring. Patients simply continue to upload photos of their teeth via a dedicated app on their phone throughout treatment. This way clinicians can check on their progress. This is supported by AI to optimise efficiency and quality of patient care.

Aside from the above, Dentogo offers various other features that further encourage treatment uptake. For example, Mysmile provides an instant simulation of the predicted end result at the very first point of their virtual journey. It can even demonstrate the likely differences between treatment with Clearcorrect clear aligners and traditional fixed brackets to complement the decision-making process.

Once treatment is completed, Smileguard utilises the advantages of the virtual technology to help clinicians manage their patients for years to come. All the while patients continue uploading their photos to the app. The AI technology looks out for oral health maintenance and relapse. It highlights any potential issues to the clinician quickly and efficiently for long-term peace of mind. This helps to ensure effective oral hygiene and protects their investment in treatment.

To optimise your treatment acceptance rates and ensure that more patients are moving forward with dental care that will enhance their quality of life, discover Dentogo from the Straumann Group.

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