Stars of Dentistry Online – Kevin Lewis: Dentolegal challenges – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Kevin Lewis Stars of Dentistry OnlineStars of Dentistry is back! We’re publishing some of our past Stars of Dentistry lectures on Dentistry Online, completely free.

This week in the Stars of Dentistry Online series, we look back at Kevin Lewis and his lecture ‘Dentolegal challenges – yesterday, today and tomorrow’.

You can see the complete lecture below.

Nobody in UK dentistry can be unaware of the relentless upward spiral of litigation, complaints, increasing regulation, scrutiny and accountability. Especially in relation to the GDC.

But out of the depths of despair some green shoots of a return to some form of sanity and proportionality are starting to appear.

Using international comparisons to provide some context, this presentation will explain where we have been (and why), where we are today and also how the future might look.

Aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Understand what has made the UK such a challenging environment in which to practice dentistry
  • Dispel some widely-held misconceptions about the levels of complaints and litigation
  • Explain the current trends and future prospects and also highlight the practical things that participants can do to keep themselves safe.

More about Kevin Lewis

During 20 years in full-time general practice, Dr Kevin Lewis developed special interests in preventive dentistry and practice management. Kevin is also a consultant editor and a regular columnist for Dentistry magazine. He has lectured extensively all over the world.

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