Face mask or fake mask – getting the right PPE equipment for your dental practice

PPE supplyBluetree Group explains why it is a manufacturer dental practices can trust during this time of high demand for PPE.

It’s an unfortunate truth that whenever demand for anything gets as high as the current demand for PPE, there will always be people wanting to take advantage.

Fraudulent activity thrives in circumstances where the need is great and the provisions are low. As PPE reserves are used up, people who need these precious resources are falling prey to substandard imitations.

Between February and the beginning of June, Action Fraud received over 2,100 reports of coronavirus-related scams. It estimates that losses from these scams could total more than £5 million.

It’s not just the monetary cost that’s a concern, though. Fake or out of date certificates are leaving thousands of frontline workers without the equipment they need. Meaning they cannot work safely.

Currently, only one in three dentists say that they have enough appropriate PPE to offer face-to-face care. Even those who have enough PPE for now, must constantly think ahead. Many worry about where their wholesaler is going to get the next batch from.

Dentistry is ranked as the profession with the highest risk of infection. This is a particularly worrying state of affairs.

PPE shortage

In order to combat the PPE shortage, and to provide UK businesses with an option they can trust, Bluetree Group has become one of the first manufacturers of certified type IIR masks in the UK.

With 30 years’ manufacturing experience, and a new empty 45,000 sq ft factory, the firm saw that it was in a unique position to help frontline workers. In just two months, it invested £1.8 million. Bluetree Group converted its south Yorkshire factory into a state-of-the-art face mask production facility.

Bluetree started by producing 1.4 million masks a week. It has ramped up capacity in order to hit 20 million a week by September this year. These masks are available on a monthly delivery service. It also guarantees

a regular supply to the businesses who need them.

The south Yorkshire business is proud to supply the NHS, which takes over half of its available capacity. But it is keen to work with dental practices across the UK to deliver a stable supply of certified masks and to keep services running safely.

You can gain peace of mind for your practice when you sign up for a guaranteed, monthly delivery from this certified manufacturer. Call 01709 232 101 or email [email protected] for a quote today.

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