Oral-B IO – reaction from the dental profession

Oral-B has revealed its most advance rechargeable electric toothbrush yet – Oral-B iO

Last Friday saw the launch of the new Oral-B IO – its most advanced rechargeable electric toothbrush yet.

This smart-looking brush claims to offer ‘a gentle, sensational clean patients can’t resist.’ Oral-B has done its homework. Following an eight-week clinical study, patients using the Oral-B IO when compared to those using a manual brush experienced:

  • Average brushing times of two minutes and 27 seconds (compared with less than a minute using a manual brush)
  • Twice as much plaque removal, and six times more plaque removal along the gumline
  • Improved gum health and 100% healthier gums in only one week.

We decided to reach out to the profession to hear their thoughts on the new brush.

What does the Oral-B IO include?

Oral-B IO key features:

  • Deep, but uniquely gentle clean: Oral-B’s iconic round brush head contours each tooth. Oscillation rotations with gentle micro-vibrations allows Oral-B IO to provide a gentle clean
  • Pressure optimisation: the new smart pressure sensor light turns green when applying optimal pressure, red when pressure is too hard and will also shine when not enough pressure is applied
  • Precision: the new innovative frictionless magnetic drive system transfers energy towards the tips of the bristles. It is concentrated where it is needed most.

Additionally, it includes an interactive display allowing users to personalise their brushing experience. There are different brushing modes, welcome greetings, battery life icons, preferred icon colours and language settings.

It is also available in a range of different colours and comes with a new magnetic charger – offering full battery life in about three hours.

The new series includes 3D teeth tracking technology with AI-enabled brushing recognition to track the lingual and buccal areas of the three bottom and upper jaw areas. As well as occlusal surfaces.

Millie Bevan – ‘a staple in any responsible dental regimen’

I have tried a good number of toothbrushes over the years and experimented with different brands. With this said, I have always come back to Oral B; simply because the toothbrushes deliver the best results in terms of plaque removal, cleanliness and oral health. Naturally, when I was sent the new Oral B IO, I was extremely curious to find out what was new!

The Oral B IO is a total re-imagining of their previous models and comfortably a level up when it comes to brushing technology. Largely this is down to the introduction of the game-changing and first-of-its-kind magnetic drive system; enabling you to remove the plaque that stores in those tricky corners and crevices that other brushes tend to miss.

What are the perks?

Aesthetically it’s very impressive; the neat midnight black finish is easy on the eye and the handset’s slight design and moderate weight makes for a uniquely comfortable and easy brushing experience – noticeably superior to its clunkier competitors. In keeping with the demands of travel and life on-the-go, the Oral B IO packs away nicely into the aptly sized accompanying case. This will slot easily into your bag, along with your phone and other gadgets.

The visual timer is built onto the OLED screen of the toothbrush. Seven different modes of cleaning mean you get a feeling and experience unrivalled by any other brush on the market. Alongside the app, the toothbrush harnesses it’s AI tracking functionality to actually guide your brushing, facilitating longer and more effective brushing where necessary. Even rewarding you for doing so with medals and happy emojis when you’re on the money – or sad emojis when you fall short!

Another very useful tool is the pressure sensor. Recent models have had a red light indicator when you brush too hard but it now also features a green light when you are brushing just right.

One of the main gripes that patients have when I ask them to switch from a manual to an electric toothbrush is the battery life. The Oral-B IO has an awesome click-in-place magnetic charger that delivers a full charge in three hours. The battery lasts up to two weeks – no more excuses! Another helpful touch from the design team is that the bristles of the toothbrush have indicators on them. This tells you when it’s time for a new head.

The Oral B IO totally surpassed my expectations and should be a staple in any responsible dental regimen.

Oral-B toothbrush

Amber Ojak – ‘one word – phenomenal!’

I was so impressed with the Oral-B IO, I thought I’d share my experience, and why I will recommend it to all of my patients.

One word – phenomenal! The new Oral-B IO exceeds every expectation I had. A two-minute clean leaves your mouth feeling like you have just had a hygiene appointment. This advance in technology really demonstrates the power of an electric toothbrush. I really believe that if our patients are able to replicate the great feeling they have after a hygiene appointment, they will believe in this brush as much as I do.

The smart pressure sensor is revolutionary. I have a lot of patients who believe they don’t use enough pressure when brushing and always ask if there is a way of knowing. The Oral-B IO will teach users how much pressure to apply when brushing.

One of the biggest differences I have found is the reduced noise level and vibrations associated with this toothbrush. This has to be one of the quietest electric toothbrushes I have ever used. I think patients, particularly elderly patients, will like this. They often say it’s the noise and vibration that puts them off using an electric brush.

Will it improve patients’ oral health?

In terms of maintaining oral hygiene at home, I believe the bluetooth connection to the new app will increase the level of care patients take with their oral hygiene. The app lets you track in detail where you are brushing and gives a very interactive educational experience. The app also calculates a percentage of how much of the oral cavity you have covered at the end of your brushing. This will change how patients think when they do brush and highlight areas they need to focus on.

Overall, I think the Oral-B IO is the future in helping encourage patients to improve their oral hygiene at home. The gentle yet effective mechanism will have them feeling like they’ve just had a dental hygiene appointment.

I cannot wait to recommend the Oral-B IO to all of my patients and friends!

Sarah Wallace – ‘wow – what a clean!’

During lockdown I was lucky enough to be asked to trial the new Oral B IO electric toothbrush. Wow – what a clean!

This new technology is completely different to the other Oral B electric toothbrushes with its magnetic drive system. It’s a more gentle vibration than the usual oscillating rotation motion. This makes the brush feel so much more gentle on the gingiva. And it’s also much quieter!

The new digital display is also very helpful to make you aware if you are brushing too hard.

The new heads are particularly good with the different lengths of bristles. You really feel like you have had a proper full mouth clean.

And it’s keeping with the times with its new app that you can connect the Oral-B IO to. It has handy features that show the areas that you have brushed or missed.

Overall a fantastic brush that I will recommend to all my patients.

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