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ba internationalBA International explains how its products and services can help create a smooth transition back to the surgery for dental teams.

As dental practices slowly return to work, many are raising questions regarding infection control and aerosols.

Speed increasers – less aerosol generation

The use of speed increasing slow speeds has shown to reduce the aerosol spatter compared to their high speed counterparts. They therefore reduce risk of virus particle transmission during procedures. These contra-angles also generally benefit from internal anti-retraction systems.

For surgeries that do not have an electric system to run these red band handpieces, BA International offers a simple ‘plug and play’ micromotor – the Ultimate EM420. It simply connects to the handpiece tubing of the dental chair. BA International also offers speed increasers that are perfectly suited to the motors (BA200LTS or BA250LT).

Extra-oral suction unit

You may consider additional measures to prevent transmission through aerosols. BA International has introduced its new Optima EOS 350 Extra-Oral Suction unit. This effectively captures droplets and airborne aerosols produced during dental treatments.

Using a HEPA 14 filtration system and ultraviolet disinfection, the unit also efficiently purifies air in enclosed clinics.

0% finance option to help your return to work

At BA International, we understand these are uncertain times for dental practices after weeks of closure or partial closure. In order to assist practices who are looking to upgrade or introduce new equipment as they adapt to the new situation, we are currently offering a 0% finance option on purchases from BA of over £1,000+VAT, spread over the course of 12 months.

For more information on BA International’s products or services, or the finance terms, please contact the team on 01604 777700 or [email protected].

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