How to provide extraction for aerosol generating procedures in dental clinics

vodex dentalairAt the time of going to press dental clinics have been given the green light from the government to re-open, but with limited services. Dental clinics need now more than ever effective extraction for dental aerosols to ensure safety for all in the future, and Vodex can help.

Aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are common place in dental clinics. While extraction for AGPs is normal practice, it is even more important in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

But, why is it necessary?

Why do we need extraction for AGPs?

As you are already aware, the use of instruments like ultrasonic scalers, dental handpieces, three-way syringes and other high-speed equipment produce dental aerosols. These aerosols, which are made up of particles from the teeth and gums, can then become air suspended in the clinical environment and can contain viruses, bacteria or fungi, (collectively called microbes, or microorganisms) found within the oral cavity.

As a result, dental aerosols can be quite harmful. They carry organic particles in minute droplets of liquid that can get inside the nasal passage. From there, they can get inside the airway and even the lungs, irritating membranes, causing sneezing, coughs, rhinitis, throat infections, and even occupational asthma.

However, when combined with microbes, dental aerosols become even more dangerous as these airborne particles can now spread diseases like COVID-19.

The impact of the coronavirus on dental clinics

Since it’s a new virus, humans currently have no resistance to coronavirus. Due to this, and the subsequent lockdown, dental clinics across the country were closed, but are finally starting to re-open.

While there is some concern about reopening too soon, using precaution and the right protective equipment can help keep dentists, clinic employees, and patients safe from infection.

To this end, dentists require personal protective equipment (PPE) and enhanced extraction for AGPs. This can help prevent the spread of the virus.

In order to help make dental clinics safer, Vodex collaborated with leading dentists and dental associations to create an enhanced AGP extraction solution. In fact, they came up with two:

Features and benefits of Dentalair® DA1001

Four-stage filtration

Dentalair comes with an intensive four-stage filtration ability for complete dental aerosol extraction. As a result, the unit is capable of capturing fine dusts as well as fumes and vapours. The filtration process includes:

  • A unique washable antimicrobial hydrophobic polyester mist eliminator
  • An evaporating plenum box with moisture-resistant synthetic filter
  • H13 HEPA filter (to eliminate 99.95% particles of 0.1 micrometres to EN1822 standards)
  • Special-blended Dencarb carbon filters to absorb any vapours or smells.

All HEPA and carbon filters used in this extraction unit have been manufactured and certified in the UK or the USA.


Flexible arm

The unit comes with a 1.5m long multi-positional silicone arm with 50mm diameter and a flared nozzle as standard. Another benefit is that it has no unsightly and expensive ducting running across the room.

Quiet and lightweight

The unit is small, measuring 410mm x 425mm x 250mm (HxWxD). It is extremely lightweight, and comes with locking wheels for easy manoeuvrability. It is also extremely quiet.

High suction

In order to catch airborne particles before they get a chance to escape out of the suction zone, the Dentalair unit comes with a high-suction 300m3/hr airflow for complete extraction of dental aerosols.

Easy to maintain

The unit comes with filters that are quick and easy to change. It also uses very little energy to run – 210W, using 230v or 115v single phase.

Regulations compliant

The unit meets all COSHH and HSG258 standards, with CE approval.

The unit also comes with a new capture hood called Aeroshield. This creates a partial enclosure and a clear PETG optically-correct physical barrier between dentists and patients.

Click here for more information about the Dentalair DA1001.

Features of Dentalair UVC-DA1001


The Dentalair UVC is an upgraded model of the Dentalair unit. In addition to the features of the standard model, this one comes with a five-stage filtration process.

The fifth filtration stage is a UVC filter sterilisation module with safety interlock. This filter uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, giving your dental clinic another layer of protection in addition to the extraction for AGPs.

Click here for more information about the Dentalair UVC-DA1001.

Find out more about Vodex’s other extraction solutions for dental clinics via its dedicated dental web page:

Both these units are in high demand, but you can pre-order by emailing [email protected] with your enquiry.

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