K-Laser Blue Dental offers improvements in both surgery and therapy

Blue Laser introduces the K-Laser Blue Dental and explains how it can offer improvements in the dental practice for both surgery and therapy.

K-Laser Blue Derma and K-Laser Blue Dental is a three-wavelengths laser device that is unique having a 445nm beam. Unlike all other infrared lasers, K-Laser surgical capabilities are not based on water absorption. Instead they are based on the absorption of melanin and haemoglobin. With 445nm as its main wavelength, it has many surgical advantages over traditional Nd-YAG and CO2 lasers. Such as speed and accuracy of the surgery, low collateral thermal damage to surrounding tissues, instant coagulation, and rapid tissue healing with minimal scar formation. Also, 445nm compared to infrared lasers has additional germicidal and antiseptic properties. Combined with the 660nm red and 970nm infrared laser beams it can penetrate superficial and deep tissue. It can photobiostimulate both skin and musculoskeletal tissues. And finally it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

It has many advantages over traditional lasers. Such as low maintenance and cost of consumable materials, maximum safety for staff and the patients, and incredible portability and power. Clinicians can sterilise and repeatedly reuse all surgical and therapeutic components.

K-Laser Blue Dental benefits

K-Laser Blue Dental

K-Laser Blue Dental has an interface that allows choosing between multiple pre-set dental treatments. From periodontology to dental implants and dental surgical procedures. This ensures the best surgical interventions and precise and unrivalled cutting performances. In addition, it provides a large array of cosmetic dental settings. This includes removal of warts, fibromas, and keratotic lesions. It also includes facial rejuvenation, vascular anomalies and treatment of acne and other infectious agents.

K-Laser Blue Dental, due to the blue laser beam and compared to other dental devices, has a higher surgical performance, thus reducing tissue thermal damage. It has far better cutting precision compared to an infrared laser. This is due to the non-absorption of water preventing surrounding tissues overheating. This also speeds up post-surgical recovery and reduces scar formation.

K-Laser Blue Dental ensures the highest safety. The dental practitioner can avoid using scalpels and stitches thanks to the immediate haemostasis. The use of special sterilisable fibres avoid possible contamination and makes for a clean operating field.

K-Laser Blue Dental comes with a full range of dental surgical and medical pre-set protocols, as well as a wide range of aesthetic surgical and therapeutic dermatological protocols to ensure a wide clinical range of applications.

K-Laser Blue Dental healing properties


K-Laser Blue Dental uses include treating infections (viral, bacterial and fungal) and accelerating healing of traumatic wounds. The Blue Dental laser can also improve and reduce healing time after oral surgeries (removal of wisdom teeth and gingivectomies). It has NICE approval for symptomatic lesions with immune-mediated aetiology (recurrent mouth ulcers, lichen planus, mucositis, pemphigus and pemphigoid). Lastly, the infrared biostimulation and the analgesia deriving from the use of 970nm wavelengths can be used in temporomandibular, trigeminal neuropathies and other dysfunctional pain syndromes.

The portability and size of the K-Laser Blue allows it to fit easily into any size consult room, however small. But clinicians can also carry it between clinics in its protective steel case. Sterilisation of the additional heads is simple, and the blue-tooth technology foot pedal ensures ease of use and set-up flexibility to suit all clinicians operating with it.

If you are interested in learning more about the K-Laser Blue Dental and K-Laser Blue Derma devices, then please join us for a free hour webinar on one of two different timing sessions we are hosting. To sign up for the webinar please click on one of the following dates:

Dentistry and cosmetic dentistry – K-Laser Blue: a new age in therapeutic and surgical lasers

For further information visit www.klaseruk.co.uk or www.klaserblue.co.uk. Email [email protected] for brochures, a free trial and scientific publications.

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