What exactly are your CPD requirements for CBCT training?

CBCT scannerCavendish Imaging introduces the new guidelines for level one and level two CBCT training.

The new PHE/FGDP RCS guidelines, to be published imminently, will recommend:

Level 1 (core) training in dental CBCT

Your regular IRMER update + an additional six hours. Specifically on CBCT radiation safety and protection, justification for CBCT versus conventional dental imaging, equipment and techniques in CBCT imaging, optimising dose, regulatory requirements, artefacts and pitfalls.

Level 2 (interpretation) for further training in dental CBCT justification and interpretation

Twelve hours of further training on CBCT for those who wish to report on their CBCT images. Covering manipulation and interpretation of CBCT scans, CBCT anatomy and common diseases of the teeth and jaws, protocolling optimised CBCT imaging, radiology reporting. This should be a day lecture, including hands-on exercises, followed by small group seminars/reporting exercises and feedback sessions.

Level 2 (operators) for further training for operators

A practical course covering all the practical and operational aspects of CBCT scanning for those who take their own scans.

Cavendish Imaging

Cavendish Imaging now provides training in CBCT which will meet the new national PHE Level 1 (core) and Level 2 (interpretation) requirements.

The Level 1 (core) course is accessible in your own time.

The Level 2 (interpretation) one-day course is on 12 June 2020.

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