Could an antimicrobial mouthwash revolutionise your daily practice of dentistry?


Ross Walker and Neil Millington are hosting a free webinar introducing a revolutionary new mouthwash on Thursday 4 June at 19:00.

With its total lack of toxic and cytotoxic effects, they will explore how one particular antimicrobial mouthwash is set to become the standard ‘go to’ mouthwash across all fields of dentistry.

More about Ross Walker

One of the founders of Clinical Health Technologies, Ross is the driving force behind Clinisept+ and Clinisoothe. Clinisoothe is the pioneering and award-winning skin technology that has re-written the rule books in the aesthetics and medical sectors. Clinisept+ is now launching into the dental sector.

Having consulted for the likes of Unilever, Disney, Airbus, Coca Cola, De-Beers and Ferrari, Ross is now dedicated to the science of skin healing. Whether making a tattoo heal faster, or preventing amputating a leg. He is a well-recognised face in aesthetics. Ross is passionate about innovation, which improves the human condition.

More about Neil Millington

Neil trained at the then newly-opened state-of-the-art Leeds University Dental Hospital, qualifying in December 1981. During his training he won the prize for clinical dental practice and also a certificate of merit in prosthetic dentistry.

Neil spent the next 16 years as a dental officer in the Royal Air Force. During this time, he continued to study for further post-graduate qualifications. He obtained his MGDS from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1990.

Neil then spent a year in full-time study at the Eastman Dental Hospital, which resulted in an MSc with distinction in prosthetic dentistry in 1991. Following this Neil attended a number of implant courses including spending time at the Branemark clinic in Gothenburg Sweden.

Neil was then able to set up and establish the RAF dental implant programme providing implant treatment for members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force. He was also the Royal Air Force clinical adviser in prosthetic dentistry.

Neil joined Carisbrooke Dental Practice in 1998 and is currently a leading partner at the historic firm. His main areas of clinical interest are in the placement and restoration of dental implants. His interest is in problems that patients may have with previous implant treatment.

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