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edentulous intraoral scanning3shape introduces Lucio Lo Russo’s scan strategy to help scan edentulous patients.

Back in November 2019, 3shape spoke with Italy’s Dr Lucio Lo Russo. Dr Lo Russo has created a tremendous amount of industry buzz around his denture design and production. It is exclusively on edentulous scans. Fully digital dentures, designed from Trios intraoral scans of edentulous patients.

Doctors have long argued that it’s not possible to accurately scan an edentulous arch. Dr Lo Russo has documented otherwise. In fact, he has created over 500 fully digital dentures to prove the point.

Three years of evidence for accurate edentulous intraoral scanning

Dr Lo Russo spent three years researching and demonstrating that the concerns professionals have over the use of intraoral scans for removable dentures are not evidence-based.

In his research, Dr Lo Russo also states that he has not had any problems capturing data using Trios scans. With his work demonstrating and concluding that intraoral scans are feasible and accurate enough for dentures, at least or as much so as conventional impression procedures.

Benefit from his edentulous scan strategy

Dr Lo Russo has consequently graciously shared his scan strategy and notes to enable you to scan edentulous arches reliably and quickly. You can therefore download the step-by-step edentulous scan strategy here:

Learn more about 3shape Trios intraoral scanners or request a free demo here.

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