How to protect dental teams from the coronavirus

Matrix Full Face Mask

Cam Lock introduces its Matrix Full Face Mask, giving full protection for dental team members against the coronavirus.

Following advice from the chief dental officers across the UK, dental practices have been forced to close their doors. However, with the launch of Cam Lock’s Matrix Full Face Mask respirators, dentists and their teams are able to offer treatments to patients whilst protecting themselves against the coronavirus.

‘Since we became aware of the urgent need for PPE equipment to all health and front line workers, Cam Lock has ramped up production of our Matrix Full Face Mask respirators to meet the national demand for supply of respiratory protection equipment to all these people,’ John Swatton, technical director at Cam Lock says.

What is the Cam Lock Matrix Full Face Mask?

The Cam Lock Matrix Full Face Mask is CE mark certified and approved to European standard EN136. The mask includes:

  • A high-quality polycarbonate distortion-free, panoramic field of view, optical visor that facilitates UVEX prescription spectacle frame 9100
  • Demisting airflow management system of the optical visor
  • DIN 40mm female thread connection, compatible with a range of European-approved filter canisters
  • A lower plain white label for personal ID of the wearer
  • The Cam Lock face mask is qualified as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ but for petite, small faces below the fifth percentile range, Cam Lock can supply a small size face mask on request.

The face mask also comes with Scott Pro2000 PF10 P3 R Particle Filters, which include CE marks and have approval to European standard EN143. The filters connect via a 40mm EN148-1 thread. They include:

  • P3 ‘R’ designation identifies the filter as being ‘reusable’ particulate filter with a 99.95% particulate efficiency rating
  • The Pro 2000 filter protects against solid and liquid particles of toxic agents, radioactive substances and microorganisms, eg bacteria and viruses
  • The Pro 2000 particle filter contributes to the exceptionally low breathing resistance when fitted to the Cam Lock face mask
  • Service life of the Pro 2000 P3 filter is a cumulative 50 hours and a shelf life of 10 years.

Users can also purchase prescription spectacle frames for the masks from They include thin metal side arms. These fit close to the head and lightly bed into skin to ensure a seal whilst wearing the Matrix Full Face Mask.

‘Our utmost priority is the safety of the people within our homes; both residents and staff. Cam Lock’s Matrix masks maximise protection, greatly reducing the risk of any airborne viral particles spreading around the home, while they’re also especially important when it comes to reducing the risks involved with aerosol-generating procedures carried out by staff.’ – Charlie Hoare, director of the Huntington & Langham Estate.

Face-fit testing

HSE guidance on face-fit testing references document HSG53 and also provides a full list of accredited Fit2fit testers.

For more information on Cam Lock Matrix Full Face Masks, visit, call 01252 366 648 or email [email protected].

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