Focusing our dental leadership skills

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In the below video, Simon Gambold explains how to lead a dental team and the nine proven steps to mastering leadership.

Leadership is often thrust upon dentists, sometimes without any formal training or a mentor to follow. Whether running a practice or in surgery, dental teams often look to dentists for leadership.

Simon says particularly now we need to give out consistent clear messages to the team. Dentists can do this by listening to concerns and also answering questions. Discuss the future and how practices will then continue to provide oral care to the community post COVID-19.

He also suggests speaking to customers and giving advice on oral care whilst at home.

An engaged team

A team that is engaged will put more into the workplace. Simon highlights how team members have a great deal of enthusiasm and passion for things outside of the workplace. The aim is therefore to bring this into the workplace. This makes it a more rewarding workplace for everyone.

Give your team members an opportunity to input their ideas, Simon suggests. Ideas from the team are essential because they are the ones doing the work everyday. They know best how to improve it.

Simon also suggests creating opportunities to engage with the team. Ask open-ended questions, hold team huddles.

Proven steps to mastering leadership

Simon believes there are nine key steps to mastering leadership:

  1. Have one to one conversations with each member of the team
  2. Decide on your goals
  3. Develop values and purpose
  4. Harness ideas and also create a plan
  5. Host regular meetings
  6. Reflect on your progress
  7. Review and update your plan
  8. Always do what you say you will
  9. Communicate.

View the whole video below. For more information email [email protected].

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