Ixion Instruments stand the test of time

Rebecca Bailey discusses how the DB team is continuing to support all customers during the coronavirus outbreak. She explains how, even through years of tough sterilisation routines, Ixion Instruments stand the test of time.

In recent weeks, all of us have adapted to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As dental professionals adopt increasingly tougher measures in the coming weeks, the show must go on for those providing emergency treatment to patients in the dental and orthodontic surgeries, and in the hospitals. We are humbled by the dedication all our customers have shown in order to continue to deliver the best care and treatment for every patient in such challenging times.

The DB team is now working from home; calling practices, answering calls, and organising video calls where necessary. We encourage customers to still call in or email; we are here for support, customer service, and product advice as normal.

Conversations around hygiene and sterilisation have never been more prevalent. And, although the dental profession always follows strict measures , it goes without saying that now, dental professionals are more vigilant than ever.

When it comes to the sterilisation of orthodontic instruments, many customers tell us they prefer Ixion. Able to withstand years of stringent sterilisation processes, Ixion’s advantage comes from the use of steel in the instruments and the way we manufacture the joint. The high grade alloy lasts, and the hardwearing box joint withstands pressure for a longer time period than traditional lap joints.

Secondly, Ixion’s functionality makes them popular. From cutters, to pliers, to utility instruments, working in the mouth is easier with a more streamlined instrument. We strive for absolute perfection in ergonomics, and clinicians can feel this when they pick up an instrument. We also ensure the care and maintenance of Ixion Instruments is as simple and convenient as possible, including a lifetime warranty on the body of the instrument.

Ixion Instrument sterilisation dos and don’ts


  • Only use demineralised water during washing process
  • Use only validated washing/sterilisation machines
  • Lubricate joints before sterilisation
  • Use DB/Ixion repair to enjoy a lifetime warranty
  • Sterilise instruments in an open position.

Do not

  • Sterilise old instruments in the same tray as new instruments
  • Sterilise stainless steel instruments with instruments made with non-ferrous metals
  • Do not exceed 165°C when sterilising
  • Leave instruments wet – they will corrode.

Ixion’s Aligner Pliers are the most recent addition to the range and are perfect for all aligner systems. They are beautifully functional, aesthetic, prevent distortion of the aligner, and conveniently require no heat. The Rotational, Torque and Retention Pliers all possess fine tips. This allows easier access into narrow and thin anterior teeth – particularly lower anteriors. The Teardrop Plier and Hole Punch Plier enable the use of elastics and buttons for class II and IIIs, space closure, extrusion, and the intrusion of posteriors.

If you are interested in viewing Ixion Instruments, including Aligner Pliers, call the sales team on 01535 656999, email [email protected] or visit www.dbortho.com.

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