How mindfulness meditation builds mental resilience

In his first webinar Dr Bashar Al-Naher explains the crucial role of mindfulness meditation on mental resilience and wellbeing.

He attributes much of his success in building two award-winning practices to the regular practice of mindfulness meditation. A process he finds thoroughly enjoyable.

Dr Bashar explains that the main source of our stress, worry and anxiety is not external ‘problematic’ situations that we face in our lives, nor a result of ‘things going wrong’. The core reason why we feel these negative emotions is due to a dysfunction most of us suffer when our mind is on ‘autopilot’. This is when the mind is unconsciously over processing, resulting in negative thinking, which manifests itself in negative emotions.

Mindfulness meditation

The practice of mindfulness meditation will remedy this state of cognitive overload. It will slow down and even arrest this harmful, dysfunctional ‘autopilot’ mode. Once you harness control of these thoughts, the feelings dissipate. This will leave you feeling a sense of peace and contentment.

The more you practice mindfulness meditation, the greater the benefit. Clarity of thought and creativity are also two side effects and these techniques will aid your ability to deal with difficult life scenarios. You will require practise and commitment to reap the benefits. But you will never look back once you’ve mastered it, as the rewards are huge.

The next webinar will take place on Monday 20 April at 10am. If you would like to get in touch with Dr Bashar or if you have any comments, questions about the webinar or if you would also like to have a copy of the audio of the mindfulness mediation – please email [email protected].

Glenn Kinsey provided help and training for this presentation.

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