Coronavirus – the view from Spain (day 26)

Tony Gedge give us his latest update from Spain on how the coronavirus is impacting him and dental practices around the world.

Spain is currently on lockdown, with people consequently only going out to for grocery shopping or selected jobs.

Tony has therefore taken the time to update on the current position from Spain and give his thoughts on how dental practices should deal with the coronavirus.

Rewarding loyalty

We can’t control what we’re losing due to the coronavirus lockdown, but we can control what we’re going to gain. Tony suggests rewarding patients for their loyalty to the practice. He explains how one practice gives a percent discount for every year the patient is on the practice’s plan. So for 20 years, they’ll get a 20% discount on treatments.

He also suggests playing a mini game amongst your dental team. The result is to convert as many pay as you go patients onto your payment plan.

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