Coronavirus – the view from Spain (day 25)

Tony Gedge give us his latest update from Spain on how the coronavirus is impacting him and dental practices around the world.

Spain is currently on lockdown, with people consequently only going out to for grocery shopping or selected jobs.

Tony has therefore taken the time to update on the current position from Spain and give his thoughts on how dental practices should deal with the coronavirus.

Creating a fearless mind

Fear is all around us at the moment, everybody is fearful of something during the coronavirus pandemic. In this video Tony explores how to create a fearless mind.

Protect your mind. There are lots of conspiracy theories going around at the moment. Tony suggests you protect your mind and don’t listen or watch social media videos that give us a fearful mind. Exercise can help release the happy brain chemical, such as endorphins and serotonin. We cannot control what goes on in the rest of the world, but we can control what goes on in our own minds.

We’re all in this together at the moment. Tony says it’s easy to fall into a state of self pity and feel victimised. There are support groups to join and help other like-minded people.

Self motivation is Tony’s final tip for a fearless mind. How are you motivating yourself during the lockdown? Tony says motivation is like bath water, it needs constant topping up. We can motivate our way out of the current situation.

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