Five rules of engagement in the COVID-19 crisis

rules of engagement during COVID-19Jana Denzel gives five easy ways to keep things in perspective during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, it is deeply affecting all aspects of life. Dental practices across the country are amongst those hardest hit by the measures in place. Though the majority of dental practices are closed, and the few that are open only seeing emergency cases, there are still opportunities to reset, rebuild and move forward.

As dentists and practice owners, we can use this crisis to reassess our business plans and devise different tactics on how to operate from hereon. By being proactive and thinking outside the box, we can use this time effectively to rethink our business models and how we can effectively shape the industry going forward.

Listed below are five key rules of engagements each dentist should be focusing on in the COVID-19 crisis.

Ask yourself, is this crisis in my control or out of my control?

The COVID-19 virus and external environmental factors are not in our control. However, there are several factors that are.

First of all, we need to take control of ourselves and our mindsets. Binge-reading the news may only serve to heighten anxiety and we need to be careful what we consume and separate fact from fiction. To stay safe, we can take in news from accurate valid sources, including trusted journals and well-established outlets.

As we practise social distancing measures, it’s important that we keep our wellbeing in top shape. Eat healthy and exercise whenever you can. And make sure to keep in touch with friends and family.

Furthermore, this will test our integrity and our generosity, but it is in our control. For example, if a member of staff is…

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