Coronavirus – the view from Spain (day 12)

Tony Gedge give us his latest update from Spain on how the coronavirus is impacting him and dental practices around the world.

Spain is currently on lockdown, with people consequently only going out to shop or go to work.

Tony has therefore taken the time to update on the current position from Spain and give his thoughts on how dental practices should deal with the coronavirus.

Planting the seed

‘Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.’

Tony suggests now is a good time to start writing your own book. Not a book focusing on the clinical side of dentistry, but something instead that shares your philosophy as a practice.

You can spend the next few months really working out what your philosophy is as a dental practice and what your values are. What do you promise patients when they come to visit you?

If you have an amazing culture, staff will also come to work for you because they match your culture.

Writing a book is a great time to pause and reflect back on where you’ve been. When we come through the coronavirus crisis, you can use this information to help plant a seed and grow your team and practice.

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