UK dentist among latest confirmed cases of coronavirus

A dentist is among the latest confirmed cases of coronavirusA dentist has been diagnosed with coronavirus following a holiday with his wife.

After passing through Milan airport, the man had the case confirmed by Public Health England (PHE) upon his return, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

He had reportedly shown flu-like symptoms.

It also reports he has not been to his practice – located in north west London – since returning.

The practice manager told the Jewish Chronicle that the rest of the staff are ‘all fine’.

Additionally, PHE clarified the practice was free of infection risk.

Dental challenges

The GDC warned the dental industry to brace itself for further challenges if the virus continues to spread.

Its joint statement acknowledged that dental professionals may need to depart from ‘established procedures’ to keep patients safe.

So far, the UK has 87 confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19).

PHE issued guidance for health professionals.

The main principles include preventing potential transmission to other patients and staff, avoiding direct contact and isolating the patient before seeking specialist advice.


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