GDC releases statement on coronavirus

The General Dental Council (GDC) has released a statement on the coronavirusThe General Dental Council (GDC) has stated the dental industry will likely face an increased burden if coronavirus continues to spread.

In a statement released today with other health and care regulators, the GDC urges health and care professionals to follow national public health advice and guidance.

It said: ‘We understand that as health and care professionals you may be feeling anxious about Novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

‘Across the UK, public health organisations, government health officials and employers are putting in place plans. This is to ensure that people receive the right advice and care and support. It is also to make sure you have the best information, environment and equipment to do your job.

‘Health and care professionals play a vital role in helping to treat and contain coronavirus. We recognise that should the virus spread further, health and care professionals are likely to face an increased burden in helping the UK through the outbreak.

‘It’s important that during this time everyone follows national public health advice and guidance.

‘We also recognise that health and care professionals may have understandable concerns. In particular, these concerns could relate to decisions need to take to provide the best care in challenging circumstances.’

Highly challenging circumstances

The regulators’ advice comes following a recognition of the ‘highly challenging circumstances’ that health and care professionals currently face.

As a result, it states registered individuals may need to stray from ‘established protocols’ to deliver the correct care.

Its advice states: ‘Our regulatory standards are designed to be flexible and to provide a framework for decision-making in a wide range of situations.

‘They highlight the key principles which should be followed, including the need to work cooperatively with colleagues to keep people safe.

‘Practise should be in line with the best available evidence and professionals should recognise the limits of their competence.’

Additionally, it urged for relevant and appropriate indemnity arrangements.

Regulators encourage workers to ‘use their professional judgement to assess risk to deliver safe care’. This is alongside any relevant guidance set out in their professional standards.

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