How I did it – with Dr Alison Simpson

 Dr Alison Simpson explains how she launched Trinity Dental in Rothwell, Northants with the help of a good team around her and the power of three.

Will it work? What happens if it doesn’t? What is the worst case scenario? Setting up a squat is one of the scariest things. Without hard work and determination and an essence of crazy, it could fail as soon as you open the doors. Every single possibility and situation passes through your mind on waking up in morning to waking up in the middle of the night. It’s really important who you have on your journey with you. Ultimately they can make or break your business.

Choose a good team.

I always wanted to have my own clinic and have the monopoly on the business decisions. To enable me to practice how I felt comfortable and most successful. I like my clinic to look and feel high end which our patients love about their visits. Their journey feels unique and specialised to them.

Trinity Dental was established in 2014 and from renovation to opening it took just under 10 months.

I graduated from Dundee in 1997 and completed my vocational training there before moving back home to Northern Ireland. There I secured an associate position in Ballymena. I relocated to Northamptonshire in 2002 with my family and started my journey to secure my own dental clinic. Gathering knowledge about the area and the potential I could tap in to. Mawsley Dental Clinic was founded in 2005 and from a squat practice and tendering for an NHS contract I grew the patient base to 26,000 patients. Then sold it in 2014 for a healthy profit that enabled me to set up a squat again. This time with finer detail and on a solely private basis…

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