Instagram for Dentists – the ultimate review

Instagram for dentistsJulian English reviews Shaz Memon’s new book, Instagram for Dentists.

They say the first bite is with the eye. When Instagram for Dentists arrived it was like a feast of nectar and ambrosia of the gods. The front cover is stunning. The size and shape are somewhat unique and really make the book stand out.

The five-colour foil molten gold on the lips is fabulous and I defy even the most ambivalent of readers not to open the book and tuck in, after such a great start.

Shaz Memon is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and leader of a successful website-builder company for the dental profession and industry.

Here he has tapped into the biggest black hole in modern business development – Instagram – and its mysteries.

Now, if you are on or considering Instagram, a scientific paper in tiny print, covering a page from head to foot, is going to put you off. So Instagram for Dentists is styled for and written for the intended audience – Instagrammers.

This book has big print.

It is written almost in bullet points.

Instagram for Dentists is split into many many short chapters or short sentences, the like of which James Patterson would be proud.

The ubiquitous imagery is simple and appropriate and effective.

This imagery illustrates a book that basically talks about Instagram in theory and from its beginnings, to what its use is for, to how to create an account and how to post and master it. The book illustrates all steps clearly and simply.

Les petites choses

It’s the little things though that make this book stand out. For example, Instagram for Dentists uses bold type face to highlight key bits of text. It highlights the text in a way that if you want to speed read, just follow the bold bits and you have the story right there.

Indeed, those who have read my reviews before, know I am hot on accessibility of books. They need to appeal to all types of readers, from the book worm to the flicker, to the headlines-and-pictures-only reader. Instagram for Dentists delivers that flexibility. But more on this in the summary.

For the beginner and pro

Instagram for Dentists has hints and tips for the beginner and the professional and those in-between.

For example, after being taken step-by-step through how to open an account, the reader is then given a masterclass on how to link Instagram to Facebook, then later there are tips on how to enhance photos, maybe using a different camera and online editing and adding text and a caption to a photo.

Then, for the pro, there is a longer section on how to analyse your audience in order to make it best work for you and or your business.


I’ll not bang on any more. Buy the book and read it. I guarantee there is something in there you did not know.

I mentioned earlier the importance of catering for different types of readers. And at the risk of being a hypocrite, here is my summary of the book for the different reader types:

  1. For the deeply interested reader – this book provides all that you need to know to get started, understand the platform, create engaging posts and then analyse the results of your efforts. There is also sufficient detail here for the most avid of Instagram enthusiasts
  2. For the curious reader – this book has loads of sections and is beautifully illustrated to make it less wordy that the curious reader can take. If this reader wants more there are many personal comments from Instagram influencers in the dental profession. Peer to peer is so strong
  3. For the very busy reader – if you only have time to scan this book, check out the top tips in bold. Also focus on the chapters to get to the bits you need quickly.

Instagram for Dentists by Shaz Memon offers sound dental advice on all aspects of Instagram from setting up and account, to very technical posting and analysis.

The book challenges the reader to take a big or small step to improve their Instagram knowledge and involvement. What more can you ask for?

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