Top tips for a smooth transition into general practice

general practice in dentistryWhether it be from a hospital post, a community post or after a career break; the transition to general practice can always feel stressful as it is continuously changing and takes time to get used to. Here are Aisha Memon’s 10 top tips to help you cope better with the move.

1. Ensure that you have all the paperwork in place in advance

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail as they say. This is especially important when it comes to your NHS performer number. Do not underestimate how long this can take to come through.

If you are already on the performer list, this is a bonus but if you aren’t ensure you apply for this as soon as you can.

This process can take many months for some and you can’t work without it!

2. Make a trip to your practice before your official start date

Get to know your surgery, meet your new team and introduce yourself.

It’s always nice to not have to worry about all this on your first official day, which can be stressful enough as it is.

3. Get all your templates

In relation to your patient notes on the computer system prior to your first working day so that everything is in place for you to start seeing patients and managing things effectively.

If your nurse is available, also try to show them your templates so they can familiarise themselves with them too.

It’s always easier when things are familiar especially if you have had a break from busy general practice and are getting back into it.

4. Book enough time for appointments

Sometimes in…

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