Helping dental phobics to have no fear

 dental phobicsBashar Al-Naher discusses the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique – a method for treating dental phobics successfully, effectively and predictably.

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique is able to cure lifelong dental phobics and patients with severe anxiety to dental treatment. It can take as little as one session. Not only that, the technique is reproducible. Reproducing each time with increasing effectiveness, it has a negligible failure rate.

The Enjoyable Dentistry Technique has taken 15 years to perfect. It allows patients with any type or severity of dental phobia and anxiety to dental treatment to experience dentistry in a relaxed manner. Sometimes to the point where they may even positively enjoy it.

The nature of dental phobias

It is thought that dental phobias or severe anxiety to dental treatment can affect as much as 25% of the population. Such patients exhibit severe anxiety issues when it comes to dental treatment. They need specialist attention and treatment in order to manage them in an ethical and humane way. Unfortunately, because of the complexity and variety of dental phobias that present themselves, the majority of dentists don’t receive training to effectively deal with such severe conditions.

In fact, attempting to deal with such patients may compound their phobias and make them worse. Furthermore, it renders the dental practitioner open to litigation for attempting to deal with something that is beyond their scope of skills and training. It is, therefore, a legal and moral obligation to refer phobic patients to specialists in this field.

Needless to say, patients who are dental phobics and those with severe dental anxieties often present with psychological traits. These traits make them more prone to resorting to litigation, especially if things go wrong.

Identifying issues

We can identify dental phobics and those with…

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